Data-Enhancing Applications to Simplify Your Private Equity CRM

Like shoveling your driveway during a blizzard, data management can seem like a never-ending battle. According to Bloomberg, analysts now spend 70 percent of their time “managing raw data, cleaning it and preparing it for analysis.” That leaves far too little time for the critical part of any General Partner’s job: making fundraising decisions based on crucial insights from relevant data. Not to mention causing significant delays delivering investor reports to Limited Partners. A private equity CRM can help. 

It’s not surprising to see Private Equity firms investing in artificial intelligence and data enhancement technology to streamline data analytics for fundraising, deal management, and investor relations. 

To take full advantage of these powerful technologies, however, firms first need the right systems—systems that support a holistic data approach. Thankfully, today’s fund management software is designed to work with other solutions to help firms operate more efficiently.

Here’s some guidance on what to look for in a Private Equity CRM, plus which data-enhancing applications can help fund managers spend less time managing data and more time acting on data insights. 

Simplify with a Private Equity CRM

Evaluating potential investments, managing the capital raising process, sharing reports with stakeholders—these day-to-day tasks are much easier with fund management software that provides a single source of truth, a central repository for data and deals, and connects to the back-end systems firms already rely on.

Altvia’s AIM—a cloud-based CRM built on the Salesforce® platform with purpose-built modules specific to Private Equity—offers all that and more. In addition to eliminating a firm’s need to build a custom solution, AIM integrates with any application on the Salesforce AppExchange. 

Below, are the top data applications that integrate with AIM and help your firm streamline your data management tasks for operational efficiency. 

M&A Data Integration Applications

Capture intelligence from private equity, venture capital and M&A industries all in one place.


Access the independent, impartial PitchBook platform and import customized data directly, seamlessly gathering customized intelligence on people, companies, investors and service providers.


Optimize and automate your M&A workflow with the most accurate data—set and forget a complete record synchronization schedule with AI-augmented, human-audited company data.

AI-Driven Data-Enhancing Applications

Outsource gathering the latest company data to apps driven by artificial intelligence but verified by human beings with industry expertise. 

S&P Capital IQ

Identify opportunities, facilitate outreach, and understand your customers better with company and decision-maker data from S&P Global.

DataFox Company Intelligence

Grow your sales pipeline with access to this human-verified database of millions of companies, growing by 40,000 new companies per week.

Market Information Applications

Analyze trusted data sources from the global alternative assets industry, including private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, private debt, real estate, infrastructure, natural resources, and secondaries.


Access some of the industry’s most comprehensive private market data and tools with Preqin Pro, or get publications, surveys, and events that provide insider access to the largest global network of alternative assets experts with Preqin Insights.

Private Equity CRM: Data Cleansing Applications

Automate the grunt work for managing your growing CRM database and focus on closing deals.


Identify, block and dedupe accounts, and contacts in real-time at the point-of-entry, while retaining control of the identification and merging process for peace of mind.

Field Trip

Learn which database fields your firm uses consistently and which ones you don’t, so you can delete the fields no longer providing value.

Is Your Firm Positioned to Have a Data Advantage?

There’s no question that firms are at a turning point, technologically speaking. Every year, Limited Partners are demanding faster, easier access to information. The firms that deliver will have a competitive advantage.

General Partners who are struggling with how best to use technology to support these critical investor relationships should focus on capturing the true value of the data they acquire—and automate what they can with today’s leading data applications designed for fund managers. 

Investing in solutions designed to seamlessly organize, clean, and enhance your data will position your firm to compete more efficiently in 2020—and beyond.

Click here to learn how Altvia’s AIM can integrate with the top applications for fund managers.