Technology Checklist for Your Investor Relations Team

What really matters when you’re talking about investor relations? Fundraising and firm performance. To set fundraising teams up for success, they need the proper fundraising software.

Businesses of all kinds use CRMs to manage everything from contacts to relationships to meetings. Salesforce is an excellent example of a CRM that is used by many private equity firms. As the #1 CRM solution in the world, Salesforce is a powerful platform, but you need to use it right for it to be effective. 

Often, private equity firms struggle to customize their CRM to fit their very specific needs. For example, Crosslink is an investment firm whose investments range from early-stage private companies to well-established public corporations. Their team adopted the Salesforce CRM but confusion arose almost immediately on how to structure the system for their needs. 

Crosslink’s investor base is made up of large organizations that often have smaller subsidiaries that need to be tracked and managed separately. Data on these smaller divisions, however, needs to be rolled up to the umbrella organization so that Crosslink can understand the entire organization’s portfolio and which fundraising activities have taken place throughout the organization. Crosslink found it difficult to properly track these activities in a standard Salesforce setup.

This is where implementing a fundraising software built for the industry, powered by Salesforce makes an enormous impact. Altvia is made exclusively for private equity firms and knows the structure that works best for the industry. The software is structured based on our knowledge of what has been successful at other firms and enables the quick setup of a system that supports fundraising.

Watch the video below to get an overview of how Altvia can accelerate fundraising by prioritizing your most engaged LPs, and targeting new LPs who fit the ideal profile.

Targeting the Right Investors

To thrive in private equity fundraising, firms need to identify the right investors, connect with them, and use data to differentiate themselves.

If firms aren’t identifying the right investors, they won’t win. The wrong investors make it impossible to quickly close and generate favorable returns. The right fundraising software should focus on targeting LPs and investors who fit a specific profile. 

Altvia helps firms find LPs who fit the bill and prioritize the most engaged investors. Within Alvia, the account page contains a wealth of information that can be automatically enriched by third-party data providers, such as Preqin. With this data, firms can find investors searching for specific investment opportunities, and learn their past activity and future plans. You can also use filters to find fundraising prospects that passed on the previous opportunity but requested that you follow up with them during the next fundraise.

Seeking LPs with the right focus and credentials? Altvia allows you to easily view important KPIs and activities from a customized dashboard. These dashboards are interactive, enabling easy drill down on specific information to reveal more detail. 

Altvia also makes it easy to track relationships associated with an investor account. You’ll be able to identify the contact information for employees as well as other industry connections like former employees and placement agents. You can also view previous interactions with this account for firm-wide transparency and the ability to craft more personalized communication. 

Execute and Optimize Investor Relations Communication

Once you know who the right investors are, it’s time to connect with them. 

With the right tools, your Investor Relations team will be liberated from mundane tasks and able to focus on key relationships. Data from all investor touchpoints can be used to deliver thoughtful and contextual interactions and provide the on-demand transparency LPs crave while reducing the burden of one-off requests.

Every step of the investor relations lifecycle can be streamlined and organized with Altvia so you can simplify investor communications using data and leverage tools to send out fund news or critical documents to the right people at the right time—automatically. For example, email campaigns can be sent with a click, and engagement with messages is monitored so you can understand how prospective investors respond to your messages and improve future communication. 

Differentiate with Data

Investors have options and it pays to stand out. What is your firm’s “edge” and how do you plan to create a better experience for investors that builds trust? 

Your team can easily pull objective data from Altvia to communicate the firm’s track record, ongoing execution of investment thesis, and key points of differentiation. These metrics can be conveyed through activities like investor nurture campaigns, which can include information about your firm’s niche, market learnings, portfolio company performance, and announcements of upcoming events. 

With Altvia, you can see if a specific contact has opened your emails or had a chance to view a critical document. If it looks like they have, you could give them a call and ask if they have any questions. Notes about your call can be stored and shared with the team. 

Direct integration between Altvia and Gmail or Outlook lets you access all of your CRM data directly from your inbox. This streamlines communication and allows account activity to be tracked without having to switch back and forth between systems. 

Adopting the right fundraising software helps to identify the right investors, improves the investor’s experience during the fundraising process, and ensures continued investment and future funding.

If you’re looking for more guidance on fundraising software and ways to improve your use of Salesforce, contact Altvia for a demo.

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