Redefining the Investor Experience in 2022 and Beyond

No one wants to spend their days doing mundane, repetitive, or standard functions, and executives are no exception. The desire to move from the routine to the strategic is never more obvious than when looking at private equity CFOs’ priorities for the future. 

In an E&Y Global Private Equity survey, this shift was dissected and the three areas where CFOs want to be more strategic are:

  • Portfolio analytics
  • Technology
  • Investor relations

When talking with our client partners and prospects about how they can best use our products and tools, including to improve the investor experience, their desire to spend more time on value-add activities is clear. So is their focus on being innovative in their operations.

That’s why we provide pre-built dashboards, data-rich integrations, and advanced products that help the deal team and investor relations professionals at top private capital firms manage their relationships with portfolio companies and investors more effectively. It’s increasingly imperative to be strategic and differentiate your firm to command the capital with each subsequent fundraise.

Enhancing the Investor Experience

At Altvia, we’re continually focused on improving the investor experience. In fact, in the last few years, enhancements to our products have helped to redefine the relationship between GPs and LPs and, in the process, create a richer, more valuable investor experience.

Since the early days of the Altvia AIM product, our team has purposefully built the features that firms need to manage their relationships, contacts, and data in a way that enables them to win more deals. We’ve observed that tools focused solely on internal efficiencies—and that don’t address the investor experience—ignore the forward-looking, next-generation expectations of those strategic CFOs and demanding LPs.

Our solutions leverage data to:

  • Drive differentiation
  • Satisfy investor demands for transparency and trust
  • Reduce the time to raise funds

These are three of the many ways we’re focused specifically on the space between firms and investors. In short, we develop products built specifically for the private capital markets and designed to unleash the power of your relationships and data.

Managing the Investor Experience Even More Effectively: The New Correspond—Investor Edition

Our drive to improve the investor experience frequently results in updates to our solutions. The latest version of Correspond—Investor Edition is a prime example. Built with your investors in mind, this solution, with its document-sharing and investor-communication capabilities, reduces the time to reconcile systems and is easier to use and faster to manage than ever before.

It empowers firms to bridge the gaps between back office, front office, and investors with features for managing the entire investor lifecycle from fundraising to investor reporting. And always, of course, with an emphasis on producing a positive investor experience. 

ShareSecure for Seamless Resource Sharing and a Better Investor Experience 

Our industry-leading fundraising and LP portal solution, ShareSecure, was also developed and is regularly updated to create frictionless interactions and an unrivaled investor experience. Documents sent via Correspond have a natural home in this GP-LP engagement portal. And with investors demanding more and more performance information, it’s essential that top-tier firms have a secure, enterprise solution to support fundraising and management efforts.

ShareSecure helps firms cut through the noise and move beyond the ineffective and incomplete feature sets of other portals with a comprehensive, branded, and sleek investor interaction platform.

Optimizing User and Investor Experiences: More to Come in the Year Ahead 

The major enhancements we make to Correspond and ShareSecure come alongside the biweekly advancements we implement on the Altvia product suite—things like updating the CRM platform, connecting to next-generation BI tools, and evolving our integrations.

We’re excited about these developments and look forward to driving more innovation in the investor experience in the year ahead.