A Modern IR Approach to Convert your Funnel Faster

passthrough and altvia partner to create an all inclusive private equity crm onboarding system

Introducing the first solution to fully integrate a CRM with an investor onboarding solution.

OnboardingBridge LP Onboarding Software for Private Equity and Venture Capital Altvia

The most elegant and streamlined LP onboarding solution in private markets.

Import Subdocument Data

Seamlessly import data from sub docs, including subscriber entity information, banking and wiring instructions, and investor contact preferences, directly into Altvia’s AIM CRM.

Accelerate Timelines

Minimize business delays and expedite fund closures with 80% of sub docs being filled out correctly the first time around.

Gain Real-Time Visibility

Empower firm-wide collaboration by providing a live onboarding status to your IR teams within Altvia’s AIM CRM with no additional work. 


passthrough and altvia lp onboarding private equity crm integration onboardingbridge

Save you and your LPs from the wasted time, headaches, and manual processes of investor onboarding by enabling Altvia’s innovative private markets CRM, AIM, to pre-populate subdocs with pertinent investor data while receiving up-to-date investor data from Passthrough. 

This streamlined and elegant investor onboarding solution empowers your firm to differentiate in private markets. Accelerate timelines, protect your firm reputation, and enhance your visibility and control of the LP onboarding process with Altvia’s OnboardingBridge powered by Passthrough. 

Private Capital Markets Run on Altvia & Passthrough

Passthrough enables investors to speed through the onboarding process, allowing fund managers to close capital commitments in minutes instead of weeks. They turn workflows like subscription document execution and KYC/AML into solved problems – seamlessly managing subscription document distribution, execution, and compliance.

Altvia’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jeff Williams, Passthrough’s CEO & Co-Founder, Tim Flannery, and COO & Co-Founder, Ben Doran, say it best:

Close Your Raise Faster

Allow investors to fill out sub docs quickly, completely, and accurately.

Receive Key Documents

Enable custom subscription workflows to reduce back and forth.

Pre-populate Data for Onboarding

Use the information that you have from Altvia to prevent redundant work.

Reduce Confusion

Create a single place for your back office, tax, compliance, and legal teams to coordinate.

See OnboardingBridge Powered By Passthrough in Action:

altvia and passthrough onboardingbridge webinar announcement

Watch this product-focused webinar, our own Cole Maltese and Passthrough’s Elan Gefen dive into Altvia’s OnboardingBridge – the first CRM to fully integrate with an investor onboarding solution. Focused on enabling GPs to provide a best-in-class LP experience, Altvia’s OnboardingBridge, powered by Passthrough, is set to revolutionize the manual processes of investor onboarding.

You will be able to learn:
  • How to seamlessly import data from sub docs directly into Altvia’s AIM CRM.
  • How to minimize business delays and expedite fund closures.
  • How to empower firm-wide collaboration within Altvia’s AIM CRM.