Introducing New Features in AIM Investor Correspondence

By Jeff Williams 

Last week we released a new version of AIM Investor correspondence with changes based on feedback we’ve received directly from users. Specifically, a lot of the changes relate to what we call the Delivery Double-Check and the EZ Publisher:

  • Delivery Double-Check – Know exactly what you’re sending out to your investors with Investor Correspondence’s Delivery Double-Check. AIM Investor Correspondence gives you control over the entire delivery process so you can custom-tailor your investors’ experience and rest assured that they’re only receiving the correspondence you want to send them.
  • EZ-Publisher – The EZ-Publisher feature in Investor Correspondence lets you easily manage all of the documents in ShareSecure throughout the publishing process. Even if you make a mistake during the publishing process or if some deliveries fail, you can go back and fix the errors before you share documents with investors.

If you are currently using AIM Investor Correspondence, you will see the changes automatically. If you’re not using Investor Correspondence but you’re interested in learning more, contact App-X Support at

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