How Business Intelligence Tools Can Minimize Requests from LPs

80% of the world’s data is unstructured, posing a challenge for data-driven fund managers to understand the market environment and make informed decisions. According to Preqin, private equity buyouts in 2018 reached a high of 5,106 deals globally, with an aggregate value of $456 billion. 

More deals create more frequent performance report requests with increased complexity for IR teams. According to eVestment’s 2018 Private Markets Due Diligence Survey, nearly 4/5 fund managers have experienced increasingly granular performance data requests from investors when compared to their previous fundraise. 

Business Intelligence at the Core of Your Operational Toolkit

Traditional firms rely on static reports, listing previous stats and providing a performance update. Business Intelligence (BI) integrates with multiple sources of real-time data in a cloud-based environment. BI lets you discover and explore data relationships you didn’t know existed and create new connections to drive growth. Leveraging large amounts of data is one of the greatest untapped sources of additional insight into deals and profit. 

According to EY Capital Insights most recent Global Corporate Divestment Study: “46% of PE executives say that availability of sufficient granular data was the most important factor in staying in an acquisition process.  44% indicate that a lack of confidence in information is the most significant factor that causes a PE firm to reduce its offer or walk away from a deal. The survey also found that 49% believe access to meaningful data is the biggest portfolio review challenge.”  

Interactive dashboards allow firms to more effectively provide instant access to all key stakeholders, increase transparency, and provide accountability.

Business Intelligence Tools decrease human hours of data collection, entry, analysis, control, and use. Instead, your human capital can be put to better use to discover insights into valuable business growth strategies.

Visualized data analytics allows users to better absorb information and discover new opportunities. It enables LPs to review your track record, have a more transparent view of the data, and eliminates the need for back and forth with your IR team. Allow decision-makers to review the data and gain their own insights from performance.

Make an Impact on Market Opportunities

An end-to-end, private equity business intelligence solution that connects to, transforms, normalizes, and displays all of your data across systems, Altvia Answers makes it easy to perform complex analysis for any request.

Altvia Answers provides data insights, answering the questions you know you have, along with the questions you haven’t yet discovered.