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Learn how top-tier private equity firms win more using Altvia’s full-stack solution. Our software and our team support stronger relationships through better communication, deal tracking, document sharing, and reporting tools.
Built for Investor Relations & Deal Teams


For private equity firms, deal management and investor relations have evolved—demanding more consistent and transparent communication than ever before. PE firms who want to get ahead rely on Altvia’s expertise and technology to manage deal flow, aggregate portfolio data, compile and share reports, and deliver secure, personalized communications to investors.

AIM Built On Salesforce

Compared to DealCloud

DealCloud is a propriety platform, requiring more resources to support foundational technology and offering fewer options for integrations.

The smartest CRM for private equity

Altvia is an industry-specific system, built on top of Salesforce—the world’s #1 CRM platform. With Salesforce at the core of our technology, we’re able to leverage a best-in-breed CRM, so we can focus on the features that matter most for Private Equity.

  • Built specifically for Private Equity a strong Salesforce tech base
  • Stores contact, deal, and business intelligence data in a single source
  • Connected to the Salesforce App Exchange so you can connect to all your solutions
  • No coding required for dashboards and reports

Relationship Building

Relationships are fundamental to Private Equity, which is why we invest in building technology that strengthen investor relationships.

  • Illustrate performance and impact of investments with advanced reporting and business intelligence tools
  • Manage communications directly in your inbox with Outlook and Gmail plugins
  • Share documents like agreements, commitments, and reports securely with investors
  • Access deal and investor information on any device with our mobile-friendly solutions

Compared to DealCloud

DealCloud’s technology focuses on internal operations for deal teams. If you’re looking for business intelligence, investor communications tools, and a central source for internal and external operations, Altvia has the tools you need.
Build Relationships with Altvia
Altvia vs. Dealcloud for Investor Relations
Altvia Business Intelligence vs. Dealcloud

Business intelligence

Altvia Answers provides insights and answers to the questions your firm and investors have. Altvia Answers is an end-to-end business intelligence solution that connects yours and third-party data to transform, normalize, and display everything in a visual, easy-to-read dashboard. Answers makes it easy to perform complex analyses to create more transparency and trust in investor relationships.

  • Prepare for Monday meetings
  • Create more transparency
  • Report on performance
  • Connect to systems and data sources like Preqin, Pitchbook, DataFox, and more

Compared to DealCloud

The DealCloud platform doesn't provide a business intelligence engine that connects owned and third-party data into an easy-to-use and powerful insights tool.

Strategic Partnership

The Altvia team is committed to your success. We have over 13 years of experience in the business, coaching thousands of users through the organizational adoption of Private Equity technology solutions.

  • Onboarding services and strategic guidance
  • Dedicated client success manager with regular account reviews
  • Onshore technical support team
  • Partner and technology advisor in your business growth
  • Onsite visits and industry events
Altvia Strategic Business Partner vs Dealcloud

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