Altvia – The Customizable Fund Manager Software on Salesforce

Fund Manager Software

Altvia is a customizable fund manager software on Salesforce. It allows for easy management of fundraising, portfolio tracking, and reporting while also allowing users to customize their experience with third-party add-ons that provide advanced features to power firm workflows.

Altvia can be accessed anywhere through the internet or mobile devices, which makes it an ideal solution for those constantly on the go.

Altvia vs. Salesforce

Altvia is the go-to platform for Alternative Asset Managers, who love Salesforce but find that it doesn’t provide features specific to the industry. One example of this is Salesforce Private Equity/Venture Capital template. While it is a well-built product it is not a scalable solution, making it an investment without long-term potential.

Altvia’s proprietary “Interactions” functionality dynamically and automatically links data and contact information to ensure your CRM is up-to-date and accurate. Files, meeting notes, and contacts stay aligned for a 360-degree view of your firm’s activities.

Salesforce’s native activities functionality allows you to track meeting notes but limits the number of companies, deals, or fundraising opportunities to one. Comprehensive interaction tracking would require duplicative data entry, which would still result in a fragmented set of answers to a simple question: what you talked about with whom. We’ve invested thousands of hours enhancing Interactions’ flexibility, and trying to reproduce them would prove frustrating and expensive.

Build vs. Buy your Fund Manager Software

Altvia’s CRM comes out of the box with industry-specific reports built based on best practices and feedback from clients within the industry. The system allows users to create print-ready reports with the click of a button.

Consultants will likely need to start from scratch when building reports designed for Private Capital Markets. The construction of these reports will be based entirely on the feedback of the firm and likely will not be based on the industry experience the consultant has. Ultimately, more time and money will be required to design and build insightful reports.

Salesforce is a platform selected for its flexibility and user-friendliness. You don’t need to have the technical expertise to build databases within the platform.

If time and resources can be dedicated to a custom database, an extremely viable fund management CRM software can be developed on the Salesforce platform.

Keeping the necessary questions in mind before deciding whether to build or buy is important.

Generally, these questions include:

  • Who will support the system?
  • Who will maintain the system?
  • How will the solution continue to grow and evolve?
  • What happens if the employee who supports and maintains the system leaves the organization?

Why Fund Managers Choose Altvia

Designed for alternative investments, Altvia is a solution built on the Salesforce platform,  trusted by hundreds of fund managers since 2006. When you work with Altvia, you are partnered with an experienced team of Private Capital Markets project managers and data experts who understand how our product solves top industry issues and best practices.

Implementation includes personalized sessions with a designated project manager to identify your unique day-to-day functions and make a customized platform that reflects existing processes. We ensure the platform is effective for you from day one. We also offer 24/5 support from our internal support team. We’re here to answer your questions and offer guidance throughout your journey on our platform.

Altvia has grown to be the leading fund manager software through industry-specific technology experts and years of experience.

Fund Manager Software