Build Stronger Relationships with an Investor Management Platform

It has become more difficult than ever to secure capital and close deals in Private Equity. When you listen and provide investors with value, you build relationships, earn their trust, and instill loyalty. But, with today’s level of competition, it’s challenging to build solid relationships without the help of an investor management platform.

As business practices and technologies evolve, so do communication tools and investor relationship management. More and more Private Equity firms are adopting scalable and efficient communication solutions. 

To differentiate firms and strengthen relationships, the right communication tools make a huge difference. Firms need to focus on improving how they interact with investors and increase transparency at the core of GP-LP relationships with an investor management platform.

A Tool Purpose-Built for Private Equity Communication

We’re in an era when technology is improving rapidly and there are endless options for communication tools. But what tool will best fit a firm’s needs? 

A tool made specifically for private equity is essential. Investors have specific needs and letting them know that they are understood is a critical relationship-building step that will pay off immediately and in the future. 

The right investor management platform:

  • Automates processes to save time
  • Removes the risk of error
  • Gives the gift of time back to your team so they can focus building solid relationships 

That’s why Altvia built a Private Equity communications solution, Altvia Correspond. Correspond uses one integrated system to manage data, communications, smart lists, enhanced analytics, and flexible mass emails and templates. 

There are currently more than 5,530 active users on the platform, connecting with investors, and nurturing relationships. See how they use the platform to connect with investors and how it has transformed their communication

Automate IR Processes

The IR teams’ goal is to drive high-impact outcomes for your firm. Removing administrative tasks and data entry projects will give them more time to effectively and thoughtfully achieve their goals. The tools chosen to support communication should make things easier, not add busy work.

Correspond provides the high-touch investor experience that investors demand while streamlining reporting and communication processes. Teams can grow relationships with personalized communications and leverage contact lists and communication templates for more frequent engagement. It’s so simple that one person alone can handle large-scale communications—up to 50,000 recipients.

An investor management platform should bridge the gap between a CRM and the back office. Establish trust with investors with relevant, on-time communication. Investors don’t want to wait for the next reporting cycle or to ask for the latest fund performance report. Thankfully, with today’s technology, they don’t have to. 

Correspond simplifies processes by generating personalized documents and auto-populating them with data already stored in the CRM. It empowers IR teams to send on-point email communication through the entire investor lifecycle, including capital call notices, PPMs, and K1s. 

Provide Personalized Responses and Avoid Errors 

With a tool like Correspond, you can be confident that investors are receiving error-free documents and up-to-the-minute reporting. 

Since communications are automated and connected to the CRM, there’s minimal risk of sending incorrect data or missing an important deadline. Correspond reduces the time required for teams to pull reports and send them off to investors from 5-10 hours down to 30 minutes. 

Be proactive by addressing investor questions and sending them the materials they want, exactly when (or even before) they need them. 

Some of those materials include:

  • Performance data and reporting on investment performance
  • Market insight
  • Industry information
  • Communications about annual meetings
  • Investor documents and agreements

Send the right information at the right time with smart lists. Create dynamic and segmented email contact lists to ensure data integrity and send targeted communications. 

Personalize communication even more by creating groups of contacts to send documents regarding investor commitments and record those contacts’ communication preferences. That way important files, like capital calls, go where the investors want them–their  Portal or email. 

Once you’ve set these preferences, Correspond automatically applies the preferences to all future mailings driving accuracy and efficiency in your operations.

Enjoy audit functionality and the flexibility to track and send documents by email or through a portal to give peace of mind when communicating with key stakeholders. 

Get Back the Time You Need to Engage with Investors

Time is precious, and so are investor relationships. Investor relationships are a key driver in a firm’s success. With the right technology, IR teams will find more time on their hands to focus on nurturing relationships. 

By automating processes and significantly reducing the risk of error, teams will be less weighed down with administrative tasks and repetitive data entry. 

To make things even better, Correspond empowers firms to share reports and fund information and then track what the investors are doing with that information. This allows firms to track behavior and monitor their investor interest to improve the targeting and personalization of investor communications.

Embrace Technology to Elevate Investor Relations and Drive Revenue

By working hard (and smart with the help of technology) to manage investor relationships—earning their trust and anticipating their needs—you will set your firm up to be well-positioned for a “yes” from investors when the next fundraising opportunity arises. 

The goal should be to exceed expectations. Firms operating with tools like Correspond can be both proactive and predictive, giving their investors error-free, relevant information and guidance every step of the way. 

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