How to Close a Fund Quickly—Reduce Friction

As a GP during the closing stage, how you share, store, and sign key documents is an opportunity to provide excellent service and build a strong relationship with investors. Using technology to support all of the necessary back-and-forths when signing agreements and sharing documents can provide your firm with a competitive advantage. To build trust with your investors, this document-heavy stage must be as painless as possible.

Four Areas to Consider During the Fundraising Stage

Private equity success is highly dependent on the firm’s ability to successfully fundraise. In the past, much of the fundraising process and communications were managed manually. In recent years, the explosive growth in the private equity space has increased the volume of people, information, and activities there is to manage. You used to be able to hang your hat on past relationships and handshakes, but today, LPs are demanding more access to information, proactive communications and reporting, and seamless exchanges with their GPs.

Creating an Excellent LP Experience to Differentiate in Private Equity

As we discussed in a recent webinar with PE Hub, GPs are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves. Fund managers are vying for the same LP dollars and LPs are demanding a better experience—supported by increased transparency and real-time data. The key to differentiation is to create a stronger relationship, by providing a better investor experience. But how can firms, fund managers, and IR teams create an excellent LP experience to attract the top investors and opportunities?

Altvia CEO Kevin Kelly to Speak at PartnerConnect West

PartnerConnect West is coming up next week, and we’re excited to be sponsoring the event this year. Now in its 11th year, this key industry event is expected to bring more than 300 LPs, GPs and service providers together to discuss what’s trending – and what’s working – in today’s marketplace. In addition, our CEO & Founder, Kevin Kelly, will be a panelist for the October 3rd, 4:30 PM session “LP Reporting: What is the Gold Standard and What are the Roadblocks in Achieving this Standard?”

Altvia Sponsors PE Hub Network Special Webinar

We’re excited to be sponsoring an IR Masterclass Webinar for PE Hub Network on the topic of Keeping LPs Satisfied in an Age of Transparency. Join PE Hub and our VP of Customer Success, Jill Montera, who will present on how firms can use technology to improve LP reporting and communication along with three other expert specialists.

Altvia Opens London Office to Support UK and EU Clients

Altvia Solutions, LLC announced today that it is opening an additional office in London. The new London office will put Altvia’s team in closer proximity with its growing number of clients in the UK, and across Europe and the Middle East. With London expected to remain the dominant financial hub in Europe despite uncertainty over Brexit, and the EU’s record Private Equity fundraising levels over the past three years, Altvia’s growth comes at an opportune time.

How to Stand Out in a Sea of Annual Meetings

Once just a simple lunch and presentation, annual meetings have morphed into a critical event for GPs. These days, while the usual topics are still on the agenda, there are several factors upping the ante when it comes to the planning and preparation.

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