Altvia CEO Featured in FundFire Article on Data Strategy

data strategy

Altvia’s Founder and CEO, Kevin Kelly, was recently featured in the article Blackstone, KKR Move to Revamp Data Strategy published by FundFire, a Financial Times publication. This article addresses growing trends and increasing industry needs around data strategy and solutions in the private equity marketplace.

Private equity firms and managers are significantly expanding initiatives around how data is accessed and used in order to elicit more accurate information and better data strategies. And, as deal-making becomes more competitive, the need to strengthen investor relationships also grows. New data technologies can boost transparency and accuracy around intelligence research, financial strategies, deals and assessments.

Additionally, new pain points for firms include the challenges associated with growing volumes of disparately stored data. The need to gain better management of this data is driving many firms to consider more sophisticated data solutions.

According to the article, firms like Blackstone Group and KKR are committing resources to data strategy in order to increase the effectiveness of deals, investing and operations. Data warehousing–using a central hub of data integrated from disparate sources–is also being implemented by increasingly more firms to increase data accessibility and usability to aid in the decision-making process across teams.

FundFire also notes that according to a new report from Deloitte, firms and managers should actively improve their data handling methods relatively quickly in order to avoid “strategic risks” and “outmaneuvering” by competitors.

To read FundFire’s full article, please visit “Blackstone, KKR Move to Revamp Data Strategy” (subscriber access is required).

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