AIM Fund Management Software vs. the Consultant

ALTVIA_SALESFORCEMany Alternative Asset Managers come to Altvia interested in our fund management CRM, while also evaluating the benefits of consultants to customize Salesforce for deal flow and investor relations. Fund managers want to know how AIM compares to independent Salesforce consultants and how we can help a firm scale.

 Here are 7 reasons AIM is a better return on a technology investment.


1. Deep Understanding of Alternative Assets

When you work with Altvia, you are partnered with an experienced team of Private Capital Markets project managers and data experts who understand how our product solves top industry issues and best practices from previous client engagements. Implementation includes sessions to identify your unique day-to-day functions resulting in a customized version of AIM that reflects and automates existing processes. With personalized training, we make sure AIM is effective for your team from day one.


2. Manage Complex Relationships

Altvia’s proprietary “Interactions” functionality dynamically and automatically links data and contact information to ensure your CRM is up-to-date and accurate. Files, meeting notes, and contacts stay aligned for a 360-degree view of your firm’s activities.


3. Reporting Designed for Private Equity

AIM comes out-of-the-box with industry-specific reports built based on best practices and feedback from clients within the industry. AIM also allows users to create print-ready reports with the click of a button. If you prefer to analyze data in spreadsheets, AIM can be configured to get data to and from Excel.


4. Continuously Evolving the Platform

Every two weeks, our in-house development team releases enhancements and product upgrades within AIM. We evaluate market trends within alternative assets and requests across the breadth of our client base, making updates to our product suite before you even know you’ll need them.


5. Ability to Connect to a GP-LP Portal

Investors demand more data and a secure LP portal is a must for GPs to seamlessly share deal-related documents or distribution notices, generate capital calls, and collect signatures. ShareSecure, Altvia’s proprietary virtual data room, allows you to curate your investor experience and automatically sync data back and forth with AIM.


6. Reconcile Salesforce Updates Efficiently

Three times a year, Salesforce issues new updates which are outlined and explained in what often exceeds a 500-page document. The Altvia Care team puts together documents for clients that distill release notes down to only the relevant enhancements. We also stay on top of any changes that might affect your processes. Outside of the Salesforce release cycle, Altvia provides useful tips and tricks through our monthly client newsletter, community, and support team.


7. Comparable Costs with More Flexibility

An AIM license is comparable in price to the out-of-the-box Salesforce license but includes more than access to the product. All AIM licensees include Altvia Care, our Colorado-based team that understands the Private Capital Markets and AIM. They are upskilled on the specific ins and outs of your account and provide prompt, in-depth responses to any questions or requests.


AIM vs. Consultant

The Salesforce platform is a powerful tool for any organization to use because of its structure, security, and built-in automation. AIM utilizes that technology for the Private Capital Markets so that you can be more streamlined, efficient, and more successful than ever before.

To see first hand how our suite of private equity software solutions can work for your firm, request a demo with our team today.