10 Signs that Your Private Equity Fund Needs Fund Management Software

By Jason Viado, App-X

For Private equity fund managers who need to talk to a lot of investors, who track a lot of deals, or monitor a lot of investments, organization is key. And without the right software in place, fund management can quickly become overwhelming.  Here are 10 signs that your organization needs fund management software.

  1. Phone numbers and email address for the people your organization contacts are spread out through various people’s personal addressbooks.
  2. You’ve scheduled a meeting with a potential investor only to find out that your colleague was there a week ago.
  3. You’re unable to access your company’s database or shared drive from the road.
  4. You need to demonstrate to potential investors that you have a regimented process that differentiates you from other funds.
  5. You have to manually number PPM’s and you don’t know which prospective investors you’ve sent them to.
  6. The spreadsheet you currently use to track your funds contains formula errors.
  7. You have to email colleagues to find out what happened in a recent meeting.
  8. Steps in the due diligence process are not well defined and there’s no record of who performed each step.
  9. Regulatory or compliance requirements force you to be more transparent in your portfolio management.
  10. You spend more than 10 seconds compiling your pipeline report for investing or fundraising in preparation for your weekly meeting.