What do LPs want to hear from GPs?

Investors have multiple GPs vying for their attention. Their inboxes are noisy and their calendars are full. In a crowded fundraising market where there’s $1 supply for every $3 demand, easy fundraises are the exception, not the rule, and the bar is higher for proving that historically good returns are a predictor of future performance.

While performance is objective and can be benchmarked against peers, we’re hearing from investors that they want to clearly understand GPs’ people, process, and philosophy from the outset. GPs need to work at building conviction in their investments by building trust with their investors both during and between raises through transparent communications and frequent updates. 

The GPs who stand out during fundraising are the ones who listen, do their homework, and show that they understand an LP organization’s priorities and mission.

What seems to be proving effective is a “show, don’t tell” approach, with data backed by qualitative reporting on both the successes of portfolio companies and also their headwinds and challenges. For example, one GP we spoke to recently recounted a strategy they employed during COVID where they produced whitepapers on each of their portfolio companies that outlined the individual challenges the pandemic created and how each company was planning to tackle them. It was so well received by her investors it’s become a permanent part of her firm’s communications strategy.

As a GP, you need to excel at pitching your competitive edge alongside your track record. It’s crucial to prove why your strategy will be successful not only in the current market, but also in future market conditions. The deciding factor for an investor could be whether you can convince them your performance is down to skill and not just luck, especially in a down market.

We’re joined by our expert panelists who are going to give us insight into both sides of this LP/GP story: Murielle Dawdy, Director at 50 South Capital, and Erin Musgrave, VP of Investor Relations at Bow River Capital.

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Murielle Dawdy


Erin Musgrave

VP, Investor Relations

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Marketing Lead

Marle Curle

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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