Better data. Stronger relationships. Ideal outcomes.

Better data.
Stronger relationships.
Ideal outcomes.

[Webinar] Show Love to Your LPs: Enhance Your Relationships with Technology

Industry panelists discuss the role of data and technology in helping empower their firms to strengthen their vital relationships with LPs.

Key Takeaways

Hear from Julie Newman, Managing Director at Altera Investments, and Jenna Greenspan, Capital Development Director at Redesign Health, moderated by Altvia’s Jeff Williams, Chief Strategy Officer, discussing the role of data and technology in unlocking powerful relationships. Topics include:

  • Improve response time to LPs, and even anticipate needs!
  • Gain prospecting insights to make the biggest impact at the right time.
  • Build meaningful relationships with the power of an industry-specific database.
  • Streamline communication across your broad base of LPs.
  • How to fundraise smarter.

[Webinar Teaser] How to Use Technology to Save Time and Increase ROI

Webinar Panelists

Julie Newman
Managing Director
Altera Investments

Jenna Greenspan
Capital Development Director
Redesign Health

Jeff Williams
Chief Strategy Officer

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Tuesday, February 27th | 1:00PM ET // 10:00AM PT

Join us in our upcoming webinar, “The Power of Unified Data: Creating a Competitive Edge,“ to hear industry experts delve into the significance of data in private capital markets.