Data-Driven Excellence: Altvia and Dakota Live Demo

Key Takeaways

Watch now to see Altvia and Dakota’s seamless integration that provides fund managers with proprietary data to accelerate their fundraising efforts in action.

Here’s a glimpse at what to expect:

Webinar Panelists

Dominique Mortelliti

Business Development Director

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Rob Robertson

Chief Revenue Officer

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Alena Garcia headshot

Alena Garcia

Senior Customer Success Manager

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data insights for private equity venture capital

Actionable Data Insights

Harness the unique data insights sourced from Dakota Marketplace to drive informed and strategic business decisions. This valuable data integration provides a competitive edge by offering a deeper understanding of market dynamics, investment opportunities, and risk factors.

differentiate your private equity venture capital portfolio

Differentiate Your Network

Leverage Dakota Marketplace data to stand out in your network and investor relationships. The enriched information enables you to engage with investment allocators in a more personalized and meaningful manner, fostering trust and building stronger connections.

dakota automated fundraising icon with altvia for private equity fund of funds solutions

Automated Fundraising

Altvia automates the process of putting fundraising information into the CRM pipeline. This eliminates the need for manual data input, ensuring that fundraising activities are accurately tracked and managed.

See Altvia and Dakota's seamless integration in action: