Webinar Recap: LinkPoint Connect Lets Outlook and Salesforce Finally Get Along

Here at Altvia, we field a lot of questions from both prospects and clients about how to get Outlook to work well with AIM or with Salesforce. Based on the number of you who joined us for this webinar, we’re guessing you’ve experienced similar frustration with Outlook integration.

As a result, we spend a lot of time researching potential integration tools and one of the best we’ve come across is LinkPoint Connect from our friends at LinkPoint360. LinkPoint Connect is a paid add-on so its not included in AIM unfortunately but we’ve partnered with LinkPoint360 to build some AIM-specific functionality into the product to give fund management software users a real customized and industry-specific solution.

In this webinar, Glenn Lehner from LinkPoint360 shows us how it works.

AIM brings together the insights organizations need to effectively track fundraising, due diligence, and portfolios. LinkPoint Connect takes this insight a step further by bringing AIM data directly to your email client.

LinkPoint Connect’s flexible integration allows users to record emails, create new contacts or prospects, and view AIM data directly within Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes all backed by automated synchronization of contacts, calendars, and tasks.

Try it free: http://www.linkpoint360.com/trial-aim/


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