The Lightning Experience: AIM For the Future


Have you upgraded to Lightning, the newest generation of the Salesforce user interface? The Lightning Experience is designed to give you an easier way to look at data and maximize productivity. You’ll still see the familiar data hierarchy you’re used to, but in a streamlined interface that provides clear and insightful analytics.

In this webinar, experts from Altvia, Jill Montera, VP of Customer Success, and Jeff Williams, VP of Products, walk you through the Lightning Experience and how to start the upgrade process.



Jill Montera, Altvia VP of Customer Success
Jill joined Altvia with many years of experience working in higher education and in management consulting where she led large-scale technology implementations for Fortune 500 companies in the telecommunications and energy industries. At Altvia, Jill leads Customer Success, and loves working directly with clients to help them find long-term and ongoing value.


Jeff Williams, Altvia VP of Products
Jeff leads Product Management and Marketing at Altvia. Prior to joining our team, Jeff worked to source and evaluate investment opportunities in venture capital funds and late-stage venture financings in private companies. He was also actively involved in the fundraising process and used AIM extensively to manage both the fundraising and investing processes.


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