Today’s Differentiated GP: Modern Data & Technology Strategies

Date – October 4, 2022
Time – 3 PM EST

Join us for a conversation with Kelli Fontaine, Partner at Cendana Capital. Cendana is known for progressive data and technology strategies that have established them as an elite FoF, while generating admiration from the GPs they work with. In this live event, we will sit down with Kelli to discuss data and technology strategies for standing out in today’s LP market.

We would like to introduce our panelists...

Kelli Fontaine
Cendana Capital Management

Moderator – Brie Aletto

Moderator – Jeff Williams
Chief Strategy Officer


A quick look at the agenda:

  • Intros (10 min)
  • Data Models 
  • Systems & Infrastructure
  • LP experience
  • Q&A (10 min)