Unleashing the power of unified data

Altvia provides a purpose-built and fully integrated technology platform that helps private equity firms simplify data complexity, efficiently raise and deploy capital, and deliver a modern LP experience. Brie Aletto, President & CEO, chats to Private Equity Wire about some of the challenges and opportunities facing the company and its clients and the drivers of recent and future growth…


What are the greatest risks facing both your business and your clients at present?

The greatest risk, yet also a potential opportunity for both our business and our clients, is the competitive aspect of raising capital and gaining LP confidence. As a result, technology buyers and LPs have adopted more conservative cash practices and become much more diligent about how to invest their capital. Thus, for GPs, it’s become more important than ever to be able to show their firm’s strategic differentiation and adoption of technology to support LPs. The challenge/risk at play is the urgent need to leverage data to differentiate while combating time, resource, and skill constraints. Consolidation of technology providers and a robust centralised data strategy will support a firm’s overall longevity and success with LPs, but the commitment to this effort has to span the depth and breadth of the firm. Assuming this commitment in a firm, an end-to-end front and middle office solution with robust integrations to back-office providers can support a strategic data approach and optimise the total cost of ownership.

Can you outline the most impactful drivers of client demand in the coming year?

Anticipating the year ahead, Altvia believes that the most impactful drivers of client demand are innovation, personalised solutions, and robust data offerings. Technology is rapidly evolving, so clients are seeking out cutting-edge solutions that will help them boost operational efficiency, differentiate from their competition, and ultimately make their lives easier.  As Altvia is a trailblazer in this space with a client-centric focus, we are able to place strategic importance on leveraging data to enhance these relationships and help firms elevate their strategic decision-making.

What have been the biggest drivers of growth within your business?

I attribute Altvia’s remarkable growth to our unwavering focus on our client relationships, which have informed our company on what our market is facing today and in the future and affirmed our substantial investments in both innovation and talent. Coupled with our unwavering dedication to client feedback-driven product refinements, strategic releases, and a steadfast commitment to deep industry expertise, Altvia is rooted in strong core values, which aligns our employees, customers, and partners toward unified success, positioning Altvia as a leading force in our industry.

What has been the most significant change you’ve observed in the private equity industry in the past 12 months?

The private equity realm is a captivating blend of dynamism and complexity, especially in the past 12 months, where macroeconomic factors have added excitement. Amid this dynamic landscape, a noteworthy transformation has taken place. The interplay of abundant dry powder, fundraising challenges, and heightened expectations from LPs has shaped the industry’s current landscape. Despite the hurdles and distractions within this space, Altvia has remained committed to providing innovative solutions. Our goal is to empower clients to navigate these shifts successfully, turning challenges into opportunities in this ever-evolving environment.

What role can technology play in portfolio risk management?

Technology plays a critical role in portfolio risk management, serving as a powerful tool for proactive decision-making in the complex landscape of portfolio management. We consolidate our clients’ data sources together (i.e. CRM, portfolio monitoring tools, accounting solutions, etc.) to provide real-time insights, allowing them to make informed decisions that proactively manage potential risks and give them a leg up in the competitive market. Robust integrations and data visualisation tools enable Altvia to streamline processes, identify patterns, and assess portfolio performance, which gives our clients a comprehensive and dynamic approach to risk management. 

Brie Aletto, President & CEO, Altvia

Brie Aletto, President & CEO, Altvia – Brie brings over 15 years of experience as a seasoned SaaS executive in private equity-backed companies. Brie’s dynamic leadership, strategic foresight, and commitment to excellence in developing both talent and product innovation have positioned Altvia as a frontrunner in the competitive landscape of SaaS solutions for private capital markets. Under Brie’s leadership, Altvia has seen noteworthy and sustained growth across various key metrics, reflecting the effective strategies and initiatives she and her team have implemented.

This article originally appeared on Private Equity Wire.