Tips for Avoiding Duplicate Data Hell

Reduce Duplicate Data in CRMDuplicate data. It’s an inherent part of databases, whether you’re using AIM for fund management or any other CRM system. As we like to say on this blog every once in a while, the success or failure of any data management platform is based on the quality of your data and, your team’s ability to keep from entering duplicate data. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill for eliminating dupes from your database but there are a number of measures you can take to avoid finding yourself in de-dupe hell. I surveyed our Altvia Care Team for their recommendations to avoid duplicate data in AIM:
  • Search before you enter new data. This is probably the most obvious step but can also be the one that’s most difficult to implement throughout your firm simply because it’s easy to forget to do.
  • You may be familiar with the Dupe Hunter tool that will run regular reports listing all of your dupes. We recommend running this report weekly but also having a data champion who is in charge of checking the report and merging or deleting the duplicate records.
  • Also related to Dupe Catcher, there is a feature you can enable that recognizes duplicate data and will give you an error message when you try to enter dupes.
  • When mass uploading data, normalize your data so dupes are caught more easily.
  • The Salesforce data import tool has some de-duping functionality that can help when you mass upload data. Find the data import tool by clicking on your name, then “My Settings,” and “Import.”
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