The Rise of Data & Analytics Roles Within PE/VC

Private equity analytics is on the rise, and technology is playing a major role in how Private Equity and Venture Capital firms are thinking about their team structure. And while this means some jobs are being replaced by tech-enabled AI, new titles, like “Senior Associate, Investment Research and Technology;” “Partner, Data Platform;” “Head of Data Strategy;”  are popping up in firms across the board. 

Along with new titles, PE/VCs are undergoing a shift in hiring candidates with less of a focus on prior venture capital experience, and more so on those with backgrounds in technology to join their growing data and analytics teams.

So what are these roles, and how, specifically, can they help level up your firm’s growth? From assisting operations teams to identifying industry trends and new investment opportunities, read on to see how new data and analytics-focused roles can help transform your firm’s performance for the better.  

4 Data & Analytics Roles to Fuel Your Firm’s Growth

Head of Data Strategy 

To gain a competitive edge in 2022, firms are leveraging advanced analytics and technologies to assist in everything from streamlining operational processes to empowering LPs with actionable, data-informed insights. To lead these initiatives, Heads of Data and Data Strategy are becoming an integral piece of the PE/VC C-suite.   

The core role of these senior executives is to enhance the businesses’ underlying infrastructure and technology, and leverage data to find new opportunities for growth. From better understanding the client, to assessing potential risks and optimizing for data security, the Head of Data Strategy is the lead in gathering and assessing insights to help the firm secure better deals and gain further understanding in relation to the growth potential of the company

Data Analyst

Differing from the standard VC analyst role we’re so used to seeing, data analysts are being hired to support the Head of Data Strategy in working alongside both operations and data engineering teams to help drive strategic initiatives and spearhead technology and data integrity. 

Organizations like Deloitte and Hone are leveraging data analysts with a background in technology to tap into that experience to maintain all of the businesses’ technology stack tools – from the CRM to BI tools. Using those tools as leverage, it’s the data analyst’s role to conduct quantitative analyses and communicate those findings to the team to provide insights to better support client engagement, along with providing data to fuel key decision-making for portfolio members. 

Head of Investment Research + Technology 

With the growing use of technology in Private Equity and Venture Capital, PEs/VCs are looking to bring in top talent with tech backgrounds to help in identifying new technology and investment opportunities to gain a leg-up over the competition. The Head of Investment Research and Technology plays a critical role in researching companies and coming up with recommendations on current and potential investment opportunities, along with new technology to use to streamline investment operations. 

At RCP Advisors, Investment Research and Technology Senior Associate, Lindsey Dukesherer, is responsible for the development and maintenance of RCP’s investment and limited partner databases and reporting systems. In this role, Lindsey leverages platforms like Altvia’s to make sense of all of the data and information the organization has access to, while tapping into industry trends to generate reports and actionable recommendations for the firm’s investment strategy, and identify new opportunities for growth.  

Director of Engineering & Technology 

Now more than ever, portfolio members are turning to advisors and thought leaders from the firm to help identify new technology trends to accelerate business growth, and provide recommendations on optimal strategies and programs to achieve desired business outcomes. This is exactly where a Director of Engineering & Technology shines. 

Along with transforming internal engineering teams from underperforming to outperforming, organizations like K1 Investment Management are looking to bring in a Director of Engineering and Technology to partner with portfolio executives and the firm’s C-suite to take charge of everything from technology platform migration to process optimization.  

Supporting Data & Analytics Roles Within Your Firm

From saving time and streamlining business intelligence data for data analysts, to providing actionable insights to the head of data strategy and research, Altvia’s VC-focused platform can help maximize the performance of the new technology roles you’re bringing into your firm. 

To learn how your firm, specifically, can benefit from Altvia’s centralized platform of powerful solutions, start a conversation with our team to discuss how you operate, and the functional improvements you’d like to make.

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