The Case for Feature-rich Data Rooms

By Jeff Williams, Altvia

Normally on our blog we like to offer up our expertise or at least share some fund management software tips and tricks. Today though, we’re just going to brag about a new feature for our ShareSecure data room.

Those of you who are dedicated ShareSecure users might notice a new button on the user profile called “View as User.” Its pretty self-explanatory and simply lets admins view the portal as any of their individual users might see it. This was a feature that we found a lot of our users could benefit from and a lot of credit goes to our development team for the speed with which they were able to roll it out.

Another reason I’m proud of this feature is that I think this highlights our approach to building data rooms compared to some of the competition out there. As I’ve discussed previously on this blog regarding data room security, the days of spending big money for “maximum security” data rooms are likely behind us–at least for most data room users–if for no other reason than because advancements in technology have meant that everyone now has a camera in their pocket and anyone can take a photo of their screen.

I think historically, data room providers were really concerned about information getting out on THE INTERNET (gasp!) and subsequently, systems were more security-focused rather than feature-focused. What we’ve set out to do in contrast is build an elegant, more modern data room that offers all of the security that a fund manager would need within reason, but that is also very simple, helpful, and feature rich.

To learn more about our data room with straightforward pricing visit the ShareSecure page on our website.