Should You Be Paying Attention to Those Salesforce Maintenance Notifications?

By Jill Montera

There’s little doubt that is the world’s best of breed CRM application. But the scale at which they do it is impressive – 74 ‘server pods’ distributed strategically across the globe serving close to 3 billion transactions every day!

Maintaining this is a huge job, so it should come as no surprise to receive regular maintenance email notifications. You may or may not see these, but we certainly do, and they’re important. Here’s why: The type of maintenance infrastructure requires varies greatly, but to accommodate its extraordinary growth, a common maintenance task is to ‘split’ pods, meaning taking the customers and their data on a specific pod (like NA15, or North America #15) to a new pod.

No matter what type of maintenance is required, more times than not it requires an administrator to make changes to the configuration of a customer’s instance and the applications (like AIM) running inside of it. These changes aren’t ones that makes, but rest assured we monitor these maintenance notices closely and handle everything that they require.

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