Finding the Right GP-LP Portal: ShareSecure

Current technology demand in private equity: a secure GP-LP portal

Now more than ever, Private Equity firms are facing escalated rules and regulations when it comes to information and documentation. Transparency, compliance, and security are familiar concepts in the PE marketplace. But firms need to get ahead in order to satisfy their investors and partners. And, not only do firms need to surpass their competition, they need to find solutions that are scalable for growth and compliance. In the current market, technology offers the most viable and complete solution to these challenges. In order for firms to provide this type of documentation, they are looking to automate the process. The current technology firms are seeking out, is a GP-LP Portal. 

Reporting & compliance requirements are increasingly more tedious

As reporting requirements from institutional investors and regulators continue to develop, firms must adopt systems that make it easy and secure to post, share, and access information–including documents and other content–digitally. In addition, accessibility is a concern; there’s little point in investing time and resources in order to move data, information, and documents into a new system if your team and stakeholders then can’t find what they’re looking for. Firms and users need secure, fast, and simple access to files and documents.

The increasing importance of transparency & security

In addition to the upswing in reporting and compliance requirements, the demand for greater transparency and security is also increasing. While both have historically been key in the PE landscape, they’re becoming even more essential as firms turn to technology for scalable solutions.

As larger quantities of sensitive information and documentation are uploaded into digital systems and programs, the risk of that information leaking increases. To compensate for this risk, PE firms are developing higher security standards for their technologies. Implementing holistic systems that solve reporting, compliance, transparency, communication between stakeholders, and growing security concerns is essential for firms that plan to get ahead.

Solving the pain- solutions for private equity

ShareSecure Premium

There are safe, easy, and scalable ways for firms to help their investors cope with these expanding rules and regulations. In the current marketplace, there is a wide range of available products and solutions that specifically address each of these concerns.

As your firm searches for the best solution, it’s important to prioritize selection criteria. Are you more concerned about transparency, reporting and compliance, streamlined user experience, security, or a solution specifically designed for the Private Equity industry?

If your answer is “all of the above”, you might be looking for a secure LP portal. An LP portal offers a secure solution that increases transparency and tracks for compliance, improving the perceptions investors have of their GPs.

Our LP portal solution is ShareSecure. It is the only virtual data room and LP web portal built for PE that integrates with ShareSecure provides an integrated, secure, and easy-to-use portal for sharing documents with investors while maximizing engagement and interactivity, and supporting compliance.

ShareSecure is designed to be used as either a standalone solution or integrated as part of a full product suite integration system with our core product, AIM and investor communications tools, Altvia Correspond.

ShareSecure offers exclusive additional features including:

Document Signing: Sign documents without ever leaving the portal and send requests to investors
Video-Sharing: Share videos such as webinars, investor presentations, case studies, and more
Approval Verification: Review documents before final publishing to investors with document process approval verification

Using streamlined technology such as ShareSecure Premium helps save resources and optimize workflows. Access to a fully integrated LP portal that is purposely designed for ease of use, security, and convenience will help your PE firm stand out as industry leaders.

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