Reflections on an internship in Salesforce Metadata API

This summer, I spent time with Application Experts testing what kinds of changes can be done to an org programmatically with certain tools like the Salesforce Metadata API and which kinds of changes must be done manually.

Through my work, I spent enough time with the Metadata API to really be able to call myself a veritable “expert” in that area. It is very unique for someone of my age and experience level to be given the opportunity to become so familiar with the increasingly important Salesforce Platform and explore its intricacies.

More broadly, this summer gave me a great introduction to the role cloud computing can play in business, specifically in Alternative Asset Management fields such as Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Impact Investing. As cloud computing becomes more and more prevalent in the future, I will be grateful for the experience I gained at Application Experts. Perhaps most importantly however, the adventure I had working with such a great group of people this summer is not one I will soon forget.