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RCP Gets Insightful Data & More Effective Decision Making Through Enhanced Reporting from AIM

RCP Advisors is a private equity investment management firm that provides access to North American lower middle market private equity fund managers through funds-of-funds, secondary funds, and co-investment funds as well as advisory services and research. RCP has completed over 200 investments with more than 100 general partners. Those general partners have invested in more than 1,700 portfolio companies, and while each of the members on the firm’s investment committee is familiar with a specific part of the portfolio, it is impossible for all of them to closely follow the entire portfolio because of the firm’s size.

“Taking all the data surrounding each investment and condensing it into a 5 or 10 minute summary on each fund can be a real challenge,” says CFO and Managing Director on the Portfolio Management team Andrew Nelson, “but it’s crucial that each member of the investment committee knows the entire portfolio rather than just the 10 or 12 specific relationships they’re close to.”

Since 2005, RCP has been using the AIM software system by Altvia to track fundraising, investment due diligence, and portfolio management. And over this time period, they have amassed a great deal of data on each fund and each operating company in their portfolio.

Any RCP Advisors data herein is as of August 1, 2016