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Complete Private Equity Platform

Private Equity firms need a product suite that consolidates, integrates and organizes data to meet increasing demands of investors and drive greater operational efficiency. Manage relationships, deal flow, fundraising, and portfolio reporting for complete visibility into deals, investors, and processes. Leverage your insights and maximize the return on your investment with an easily adaptable and completely integrated private equity management software.

Unleash the Power of your Relationships

Altvia allows you to collect and report on everything you need to manage your pipeline, close more deals, and build value in your firm in one complete system built for Private Equity. Leveraging the native Account/Company and Contact features with AIM’s proprietary Connections and Interactions, Altvia provides unparalleled levels of intelligence to power deal teams, investor relations, and firm operations.

  • Maintain total visibility and awareness of your contacts, interactions, and activities anywhere in the pipeline
  • Rapidly generate documents and internal or external reports
  • Easy access to data or log calls and meetings on-the-go with a mobile application

Complete Fundraising Solution

Raising capital with Altvia products mean a clear, integrated process from start to finish: roadshow emails, capital commitments, and every other task your team expects.

  • Automatically generate, distribute, and track PPMs
  • Tasks and integrated emails help ensure follow-ups never slip through the cracks
  • Produce real-time fundraising progress with rich reporting and dashboards


Optimized, Efficient Deal Management

Understand critical information throughout all stages of the due diligence and investing process. Know where in the cycle your prospects are and have clarity on the next steps and team member action items. 

  • Associate contacts and companies to preferred stages, asset classes, and investment types to customize to your firm
  • Summarize meetings, interactions, and next steps to partners to increase transparency through the firm
  • Generate and distribute Tear Sheets easily

Powerful Investor Relations

Leverage reporting and communication capabilities with a branded LP portal to service investor demands and grow relationships. Elevate your investor experience with personalized communications, document sharing, and data-rich portfolio analytics.

  • Seamless integration with a secure data room to ensure accuracy and compliance
  • Collect and manage investor contacts and communication preferences and keep information up-to-date
  • Use Correspond – Investor Edition to generate personalized capital call notices, PPMs, K1, and more

Create a Single Source of Truth

Leading Private Equity firms focus on the key assets that can accelerate the strategic growth of their organizations — relationships and data. We connect data across internal and external data sources with integrations for powerful data visualization and interactive analytics

  • Gain unparalleled insight into deal flow sources, valuation trends and more
  • Schedule dashboards to email users or groups of users at regular intervals
  • Reduce manual entry and the opportunity for error by integrating data sources into a robust BI tool
    • The Altvia team has been fantastic, bringing efficiencies to every facet of our business–fundraising, marketing, deal execution and fund administration. They understand what we do and their team has changed how we manage our business.
      Michael Painter

      Managing Partner, Plexus Capital


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