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Phoenix Equity Partners

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Phoenix Equity Partners Optimizes Operational Efficiency and Mobility with AIM

Phoenix Equity Partners is a London-­based, leading Private Equity investment management firm focused on mid-­market UK companies across a range of sectors. Since 2001, the firm has been successfully evolving. And with this growth, the need to optimize its infrastructure for CRM, reporting and mobility gave way to a new, cloud-­based platform.

To appreciate the dynamics involved with this transformation, it’s important to understand the foundation upon which Phoenix Equity Partners’ CRM was based. Initially, the firm used a legacy enterprise, on­-premise CRM system to house its institutional knowledge. Over the last three years, Phoenix Equity Partners became increasingly interested in the cloud as a means to more efficiently run its infrastructure than its current system. There was already a cloud movement by larger enterprises to achieve a lighter IT footprint, and while Phoenix Equity Partners was initially skeptical about the reliability of the cloud, it decided to make the change and evaluate a new CRM system.

As part of this forward-­looking strategy, the firm  carefully considered cloud­-based platforms, which lead it to the Salesforce platform. Phoenix Equity Partners realized the importance of using an industry standard CRM platform (versus a proprietary CRM platform) to alleviate any doubts, as well as the need for a CRM that was designed specifically for Private Equity. The firm selected AIM, which solved for these requirements and provided a simpler solution toward its operational efficiency, as well as for institutionalizing its processes and knowledge. “The benefits clearly outweighed any doubt – a Private Equity CRM solution built on one of the world’s largest cloud platforms along with ubiquitous access 24x7x365 via any Internet connected device. We made the change and never looked back,” shares Steve Darrington, Partner and CFO, of Phoenix Equity  Partners.