Passthrough and Altvia Announce Strategic Partnership for Streamlined Investor Onboarding Process

Enterprise leaders in fund workflow automation partner for multi-use-case and multi-purpose solutions for fund managers

April 11, 2023 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Passthrough and Altvia announce a new strategic partnership that will create a modern approach for Investor Relations teams to leverage data and technology to convert their fundraising funnel faster. Passthrough, a leader in fund workflow automation for investors, fund managers, and other fintechs, and Altvia, a purpose-built fund lifecycle platform to facilitate world-class partnerships between LPs and GPs, will be releasing an API integration later this year.

“By connecting with our infrastructure, Altvia’s fund managers can provide simplified investor onboarding relying on software instead of pen & paper so they can close their funds weeks or months faster.”Tweet this

Altvia is a market-leading provider of CRM, analytics, LP Portal, and Data Room software specifically built for Private Capital Market firms to help them gain visibility and insight with a real-time view of performance and activities across fundraising, investing, and LP engagement. Altvia’s end-to-end solution, and unmatched expertise, helps alternative investment firms seamlessly evolve and manage complexity as they grow, multiply funds, and expand their LP base.

Passthrough enables investors to speed through the onboarding process, allowing fund managers to close capital commitments in minutes instead of weeks. They turn workflows like subscription document execution and KYC/AML into solved problems – seamlessly managing subscription document distribution, execution, and compliance.

“We think investor onboarding should be solved at the infrastructure level and over API, which means we don’t need to be another destination for fund managers and investors to constantly check. Instead, we power the private capital market with a default investor onboarding tool for fund managers,” says Tim Flannery, Co-founder & CEO of Passthrough. “By connecting with our infrastructure, Altvia’s fund managers can provide simplified investor onboarding relying on software instead of pen & paper so they can close their funds weeks or months faster.”

Today, Altvia clients can sync historical investor information with Passthrough for a seamless document completion experience. With the upcoming integration, the information will sync live so investors will automatically be added to Passthrough’s investor onboarding solution for electronic subscription documents and KYC/AML offering. As part of the KYC/AML offering, Altvia customers will also be able to screen investors against sanctions lists on an initial and ongoing basis so they can monitor their risk.

“We are laser-focused on creating the private capital market’s most seamless and elegant investor experience technology” says Jeff Williams, Altvia’s Chief Strategy Officer. “To do that, we are partnering with best-of-breed solutions like Passthrough to provide similar experiences for our top tier client roster and their investors. The streamlined experience that comes as the result of this integration, together with Passthrough’s differentiated identity resolution data, made this partnership a natural fit, and we’re thrilled about what it offers the market.”

The initial real-time API integration will be released later this year. The strategic partnership between Passthrough and Altvia will continue to look for opportunities to extend the integration across products.

To learn more about Passthrough and Altvia’s new strategic partnership, please visit:

Additionally, you can find the Passthrough and Altvia teams at the Private Equity International Investor Relations, Marketing & Communications Forum (PEI IR Forum) in NYC on April 19-20.

About Passthrough

Passthrough turns workflows like subscription document execution into solved problems – seamlessly manages subscription document distribution, execution, and compliance in minutes. Founded by former leaders from the Carta Investors Services team Alex Laplante, Ben Doran, and Tim Flannery, Passthrough provides an integrated platform solution that makes the subscription document process turnkey for investors with replicable and verifiable identity information built in for future use. In addition to subscription documents, Passthrough also offers a comprehensive AML & KYC compliance product which collects information from investors so fund managers can remain compliant.

About Altvia

Altvia is a market-leading provider for CRM, investor and deal management systems specifically built for Private Capital Market firms. The company’s mobile-optimized platform (AIM, ShareSecure, Correspond, and Answers) is transforming the way GP’s deliver continuous value, real-time decision support, and secure communications to their valued constituents. Marquee firms across multiple verticals trust Altvia to optimize operational functions and enable critically important communications. Altvia is a Marlin Equity Partners portfolio company.


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