10 Ways to Optimize Your Fund Management Software

If you’ve made a smart investment in purpose-built fund management software for your firm, you want to be sure that it continues to deliver the maximum benefit to your team members. 

The best fund management software solutions, like ours at Altvia, don’t require a great deal of upkeep. But it can be helpful to take a fresh look at your system periodically to ensure you’re getting all you can out of it.  

With that in mind, below are 10 actions you can take.

  1. Create new dashboards and reports. It’s a good idea to review the data you’re getting out of your system now and then to see if there’s other information that would be helpful, new ways to summarize your data, etc.
  2. Add metric tracking. For more insight into the performance of your funds, consider tracking metrics associated with your investments.
  3. Develop print-ready tear sheets. Simple, print-ready reports are an easy way to streamline the compilation of reports for weekly meetings or any other reports you manually compile regularly.
  4. Add user licenses. If you have multiple users sharing the same login information, you should consider getting more user licenses. Having everyone access the system with their own credentials enables you to track who changed which records, and sometimes more importantly, who deleted a record.
  5. Perform database cleanup activities. Deleting obsolete reports, cleaning up list views, and removing duplicates is critical to maintaining the value of your data. It can also support higher user adoption, as people quickly lose trust in a “dirty” data source.
  6. Update screens. Along the same lines as data cleanup, removing fields that aren’t being used and eliminating near-duplicate fields contributes to the usability of your system.
  7. Automate additional processes. Look for tasks that are currently being performed manually outside of the system—like in spreadsheets—and consider having your system do them for you.
  8. Conduct training. Any investment you make in training new users or expanding the system knowledge of existing users benefits both your firm and the stakeholders you interact with.
  9. Add validation rules. Consider adding validation rules to your system. They ensure that data added to the system is complete and correct. If it’s not, the user is prompted to make corrections.
  10. Create or expand workflows. Workflows help make tasks as efficient and effective as possible. For example, you can set up workflows to automatically update records, send out emails, assign tasks when deals move to the next stage or when they get rejected, and more.

Create the Fund Management Software Solution You’ve Envisioned

Every firm is unique. For that reason, while Altvia solutions are designed with best practices in mind, you can, nevertheless, optimize your fund management software the way that best meets your needs. And, if your needs change, you can tweak our fund management software solutions so that they evolve with your firm. 

Considering implementing fund management software or replacing your existing system? See our industry-leading solutions in action. Request a fund management software demo today!