Maximize Firm Intelligence by Syncing Email with a Private Equity CRM

There is a gold mine of contact information, details about deals, fundraising strategies, and meeting logs in your inbox alone. It doesn’t do you any favors to have this data scattered among thousands of emails—information can easily slip through the cracks or take up valuable time as you sift through threads looking for a needle in a haystack. Firms need to share data between their email and private equity CRM to optimize their efficiency and intelligence. 

Private Equity firms have many moving parts, and using the right technology will help keep valuable data accessible and secure. The ideal method to accurately track and integrate the information found in emails to the CRM is to sync the two systems directly. 

Having an email connector increases productivity and provides smoother, faster access to your relationships and data. Altvia’s solution allows you to integrate your Gmail, Outlook, or Office 365 inbox straight to your CRM. The email connector opens up the opportunity to create and edit data directly in your email—no need to exit your email to create a new deal or update contact records.

Check out the video below to see how easy it is to integrate data found in your emails to your Private Equity CRM. 

Effortlessly Sync Email Data with Your Private Equity CRM 

While in your inbox, you’ll have the option to log an email. Not only will it update records under the contact, but it will also update the company record. Users can also reference anything else that is meaningful to the conversation—a deal, entity, investment, interactions, etc.

While still in the inbox, users can search for important information stored in the CRM by using the dynamic search bar. From there, you can view any relevant details meaningful to future communications. Users can see details like investor information, commitment summaries, and anything related to task management and other elements that would support future communication.

Still on the fence if a data sync between email and your CRM is a good idea? Below we outline the top three benefits of linking these powerful tools. 

Track Communications in One Place

Have no fear. An email and private equity CRM sync won’t make things more complicated—quite the opposite. Having an email connector increases productivity and provides smoother, faster access to your relationships and data.

Think of all the time that you’ll save from going back and forth between applications and doing data entry. With the email connector, you have the opportunity to create and edit data directly—no need to exit your email to create a new deal or update contact records. 

Users can quickly file any email participants not yet added to the CRM as contacts. When you stop trying to alternate between your inbox and CRM for data entry, you’ll notice a significant boost in productivity. 

Better Alignment Across the Organization

When you integrate an email application like Outlook or Gmail with a robust private equity CRM, you’ll gain access to email and CRM data from both platforms. For example, a scheduled meeting will be visible in your email, calendar, and CRM. The email and CRM sync also allows all team members to arm themselves with up-to-date information from the most recent interactions with contacts. With Altvia’s single-click email filing, rest assured that important conversations associate automatically with all participants.

This alignment reduces the likelihood of creating scheduling conflicts or entering a situation while missing vital data. Plus it saves a ton of time and reduces headaches. 

Enhanced Investor Experience

By integrating tools like email and your CRM, private equity firms are increasing the power of those tools and creating a better investor experience.

By integrating your email with the CRM, users gain insight into how contacts interact with their communications. 

  • Open Rate: How many people are opening the email that you are sending?
  • Click Rate: What is the rate that people are engaging and clicking on links in emails?

These types of metrics offer a valuable window into what kind of communication triggers investor engagement. What topics and language get them to open their email and click? This information can also signal when investor interest is growing or waning so you can better personalize your interaction, cater to investor needs, and reach out in a timely manner.

On top of gaining insights from investor correspondence, users can view the most recent interactions with contacts they email to send the right message at the right time. Look up any record stored in the CRM from your inbox and be confident that you address the most recent need before hitting send.

At Altvia, our whole goal is to create solutions that help private equity firms streamline their businesses. Our email to the CRM connector tool is just one of the powerful features included in our platform. With this integration, you can easily view, edit, and create data directly from your inbox without tediously alternating between systems and without third-party contracting.

Contact us and schedule a demo for more information on how Altvia can enhance your firm’s operations and communication.

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