Data and Private Equity Software: Helping Fund Managers Make Better Decisions

In private equity today, data is king. That isn’t to say that the skills and experience of a firm’s team members aren’t important. But without data, there’s really nothing to focus those skills and experience on. Consequently, a great deal of time and effort is invested in capturing data. This is why you need private equity software you can trust.

But then what happens? In too many cases, the value of the information that a firm has worked so hard to collect is squandered because the data remains isolated and gathering digital dust—often in someone’s email inbox. 

This scenario is also problematic if a team member leaves the firm and the data they had possession of is lost. The firms that succeed today are those that continually add to their “institutional knowledge.” Data is an asset, and as with any other type of asset, you’ve got to take care of it.

A Powerful Solution for Your Inbox

At Altvia, we’re focused on helping fund managers and institutional investors manage their data more effectively. For them to do that, they need purpose-built private equity software.

Needless to say, there’s a strong business case for capturing and integrating data from a firm’s email system into a centralized solution. That data helps paint a more complete picture of the firm’s operations. It also can be the key to new insights and better decisions.

Our system fully integrates with  our Salesforce-based CRM. This integration enables you to easily capture data from your inbox and consolidate it with existing  data thereby giving you an accurate, 360-degree view of your relationships, opportunities, and investments.

How Software Enables Firms to Optimize Human Capital

Altvia does more than simply help firms leverage their data more effectively. In doing so, it helps them get the most from their people.

As noted above, manually capturing data is a very time-consuming task. But it’s one that many firms are so used to completing that they never stop to think, “What could our people be doing if time spent on data capture could be spent on other, higher-level tasks?” It’s an important question. And the answer is, “A lot!”

Teams that implement email integration very quickly see that the productivity of team members who previously had to spend many hours every month on data-related tasks jumps significantly. That should be no surprise.

And both the firm and individual team members get a boost from being freed from mundane tasks, as we point out in this blog post:

“…this generational shift is pivotal – it involves the need for Private Equity firms to recast into new roles and systems in order to embrace the rising challenges of operational excellence, optimizing personnel and data management. To make this happen, new skills to manage new tools for cost-efficiently scaling the business over time are paramount.”

Make the Move to Advanced Private Equity Software

If you aren’t using leading-edge private equity software. You should be. And it’s likely that if other firms are beating you at identifying deals and taking action, it’s probably because they have a technological advantage. 

Fortunately, implementing private equity software with Altvia is easy. So is leveraging the solution to increasing productivity.

How, specifically, could you benefit from Private Equity Software in your environment? The best way to find out is to talk with us about how your firm operates today and the improvements you’d like to make.

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