Make Better Decisions with Private Equity’s Inbox Solution

Make Better Decisions with Private Equity’s Inbox Solution

Data is becoming king, next to cash – and in the world of Private Equity, capturing data can be challenging and extremely time-consuming. This data is oftentimes transferred via email and becomes limited due to the lack of systems integration to capture and consolidate. The limitation not only affects data integrity at the system level, but also the housing of institutional knowledge within a Private Equity firm. If a member of the firm leaves, the accrued knowledge leaves as well. This can become a major challenge in times of resource constraints for both fund managers and institutional investors – as well as in times of accelerated growth.

At Altvia, we’re focused on the data challenge for Private Equity fund managers and institutional investors. In fact, here’s a brief video to help tell the story and the action we’re taking:

Clearly, there’s a business case for capturing and integrating data from your email into a central system: a complete picture of your business that provides new insights for better decisions. And AIM Inbox powered by ZynBit is the facilitator. It’s a Microsoft Outlook plug-in that fully integrates with AIM, the Salesforce for Private Equity solution. This integration enables you to easily capture data from your inbox and consolidate with existing AIM data thereby giving you an accurate, 360-degree view of your relationships, opportunities, and investments.

AIM Inbox also plays an integral role in optimizing personnel. As mentioned earlier, data capture is very time-consuming. One of the key benefits our Private Equity customers gain from using AIM Inbox is productivity. Hours of time are saved and this means quite a bit especially in relation to the new roles Private Equity’s next generation are taking on as highlighted in this recent blog post:

“…this generational shift is pivotal – it involves the need for Private Equity firms to recast into new roles and systems in order to embrace the rising challenges of operational excellence, optimizing personnel, and data management. To make this happen, new skills to manage new tools for cost efficiently scaling the business over time are paramount.”

If you’d like to learn how AIM Inbox can help you, please feel free to request more info.