Looking to Integrate Gmail with your Fund Management Software?

By Rick Wills

Integrating Gmail with your private equity CRM–whether you are using Salesforce or a solution like AIM that is built on the Force.com platform–can be a tricky but vitally important part of keeping track of all the conversations you’re having with potential investors, deal sources, or even people within your own office. Fortunately, there are a number of tools available for integrating your email system with Salesforce or any software built on the Force.com platform. Specifically if you use Gmail or Google Apps for business, we recommend using the Cirrus Insight browser add on for Chrome or Firefox.

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Cirrus Insight installs very quickly and lets you associate an email with any record in AIM or any other Salesforce-based CRM directly from the email. Cirrus lets you create contacts, accounts, and tasks from an email as well. What we like about Cirrus is that it is relatively inexpensive compared to other solutions we looked into and it works seamlessly with the proprietary “interactions” functionality we’ve built in AIM.

Find out more about Cirrus Insight at www.cirrusinsight.com.