Our resident Data Analyst, Lindsey, is an amazing addition to the Altvia team.  She is an expert at building a data practice—at the center of which is a scalable, robust, and teachable data process—that promotes efficiency, ensures data security and data integrity.  Lindsey came up the ranks quickly, learning and mastering SQL, relational databases, ETL tool development, problem-solving, business analysis and consulting.  She joined Altvia with over 4 years of consulting experience. A BS in General Engineering preceded this experience. Formerly, Lindsey completed a successful project of data conversion, from a legacy system with 500,000 dental insurance subscribers and over 40 million individual claims. She has designed and built a database that is now the center of Altvia’s data practice. Lindsey moved to Colorado to hike, backpack, camp, and snowboard in the beautiful Rockies. She also appreciates cooking, painting, playing the piano and has fond memories of her days as a Shakespearean actor!