How a SaaS Company Offering a Private Equity CRM Thrives as a B Corp

How can companies get inspired and “B” the change? At Altvia, we’re proud to be a certified B Corp. And we’re often asked about B Corp certification by customers who use our private equity CRM solution and others in our industry. 

You hear a lot about B Corporations (or B Corps for short) these days. What is a B Corp? The organization that oversees the standard explains: “Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.”

Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about how our B Corp designation benefits our employees, our community as a whole, and the environment.

Delivering Our Private Equity CRM While Meeting B Corp Standards

How does being a certified B Corp affect our operations as a leading provider of private equity CRM software? Get answers to frequently asked questions below.

Why is it important that Altvia has been granted re-certification as a B Corp™ for another term?

From the beginning, we’ve wanted to produce the best private equity CRM but to do so in a way that demonstrates that we meet the highest standards for corporate responsibility. In other words, who we are is just as important to us (and to our customers) as what we do.

So, not only did we earn B Corp certification once, when the designation was set to expire, we proved that we have the “right stuff” to be given this prestigious and important designation again. We’re proud to say that our company goals are aligned with the needs of our employees, the broader community, and the environment.

What does the “B” in B Corp stand for? 

For Altvia, it means “B” Ambitious. We see it as a call to action for us as a company to always strive to be better—better for the community, better for the environment, better for our employees, and of course better for our customers.

You could also say it’s for “B” Evolving. Ambitious and evolving are two of our cultural tenets at Altvia. Reaching any plateau, in terms of operational excellence and social responsibility, and being comfortable staying there isn’t good for our company or anyone we interact with. Continual, ongoing improvement is important to us. 

The standards that companies are measured against for B Corp certification are rigorous. We’re proud that we’ve met these standards since 2011 and happily accept the challenge to evolve in order to continue to meet them.

How does Altvia’s B Corp certification benefit customers?

For people using or considering our private equity CRM, we believe that our certification builds even more confidence in us as a company. We know from the feedback we get that our commitment to achieving and maintaining certification makes us a better partner for our customers.

In addition, we hope that Altvia’s B Corp certification encourages our customers to learn more about the B Corp standard and to be inspired to make changes. It’s exciting to be a part of a movement that’s gaining momentum and driving positive changes around the world.

How do you see Altvia evolving as a B Corp company?

The B Corp standard provides guidance that can be used to measure progress toward ever-higher social and environmental performance objectives. Altvia wants to be an example to both our local community and the larger population as a company that’s growing rapidly and organically by doing what’s right for our employees, the people we interact with, and the planet.

We’re a private equity CRM company that’s “in it for the long run,” so it makes sense to adopt the B Corp tenets and use them to drive our ongoing evolution.

Need a Private Equity CRM  From a Company With High Standards?

We’re more than a private equity CRM to our customers. We’re a partner that continues to work with and assist them as their needs change. Consequently, they want to work with an organization that has high standards—for itself and its products.

If that appeals to you, contact us to learn more about your private equity CRM solution and all the ways we help customers maximize the benefits it provides for them.

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