How to Adopt a Data-Driven Approach for Investor Relations Success

Investor Relations (IR) teams are critical for firms. These people are the essential relationship drivers, and their work is a representation of the firm. 

To develop an effective IR strategy, teams must understand how to best interact with investors, be visible, and adapt to market changes to ensure effective communications.

To do their job well, IR teams need to juggle a variety of activities: 

  • Common Workflows

IRs are the overseers of the firm’s common workflows. They must regularly share information like PPMs, Cap Calls, and Distribution Notices with investors and stakeholders. 

  • Communication Coverage

Investors and stakeholders require regular reviews with in-depth analysis of their portfolios. IRs are responsible for presenting performance data clearly and correctly.

  • Identifying Interests and Concerns

A good IR team needs to read into investor and stakeholder engagement to identify proper follow-up and relevant topics to focus on. 

  • Provide Additional Information

IR’s responsibility is to triage the many requests received from investors, analysts, and others. To streamline communications and empower investors to get information when they want it, IRs can establish a self-serve system where investors can look up the information they need without always asking for it. 

To be effective, IRs need to be proactive and reduce the amount of time it takes to do administrative tasks while increasing the quality of their communication with investors.

How can they do this? With the help of technology. 

What does technology mean for Investor Relations?

Post-pandemic, the organizations that will thrive will put humans at the center and deploy technology to increase the speed and quality at which companies can innovate and communicate. This is where the IR team fits in. With a human-centric approach and technology adoption, firms can support their IR teams with data-driven insights, automation, and tools that empower investors—creating longer-lasting relationships.

Deploying technology faster is critical in an environment where accelerated technology adoption is reinventing everything from education to Saturday morning cartoons. Those who accept this innovation are better off today and more adept at pivoting when the unexpected occurs. The firms that invested in technology fared much better than those that were technology-adverse during the 2020 pandemic. 

Technology can arm a firm with knowledge instantly instead of requiring hours of manual research. With a tool like Altvia, IRs can sift through mountains of data in seconds to gain better insight into their investors, what they need, and where their interests lie.

It’s also advantageous to empower investors with access to the information they’re looking for instead of continuously relying on the IR team. Through Altvia’s secure portal, investors can review information and analytics at any time. There’s no need to wait for an IR team to return their calls or emails—all the information they seek is right at their fingertips. 

This process reduces time spent on one-off requests and takes advantage of firms’ data, interactions, and industry knowledge to build stronger investor relations. 

Through this portal, IRs can also gauge what type of information their investors are most interested in. Altvia’s portal access helps firms identify talking points and events that their investors want to know about.

Automating communication can also reduce the manual labor IR teams spend on common workflows and regular communications. Technology allows these types of outreach to be customized, automated, accessible, and distributed at the right time.  

How do IR teams implement a data-driven approach?

IR teams can’t expect to succeed at a data-driven approach with static processes and heaps of data stored in excel spreadsheets. They need to partner with a team like Altvia. 

Since 2006 Altvia has helped IR teams implement new technology. Our pre-built dashboards and reports set firms up for success on day one and evolve with our clients. Get the most out of your investment with Altvia. See how we support top firms.