5 Apps That’ll Help You Get the Most Out of Your VC CRM

Data management can seem like a waterfall of information that is impossible to keep up with. There are millions, if not billions, of data points pouring out every day—how can your firm make sense of it all? We’re not going to sugarcoat it—if you aren’t using technology to sort through the data, it is impossible to keep up with. 

Thankfully there has been a revolution in the Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) space with data and analytics. The secret sauce to success is technology. 

It’s no longer tenable to manage all of your data in an excel spreadsheet. Savvy VCs are investing in artificial intelligence and data enhancement technologies to streamline analytics for fundraising, deal management, and investor relations. There are plenty of options out there— the tricky part is selecting the right software for your firm.

It’s critical that firms choose a system that supports a holistic data approach while focusing on platforms built for their specific industry. Altvia is a cloud-based CRM built on Salesforce with purpose-built modules specific to PE and VCs. Altvia integrates with any application in the Salesforce ecosystem, allowing firms to build an ideal stack of technology.

The Salesforce AppExchange offers thousands of integrations. To help you choose the right solution, we’ve identified 5 apps that integrate with Altvia that we recommend to simplify data collection and streamline access to information on leads, deals, investors, and fundraises.


Preqin is the home of indispensable data, analytics, and insights for alternative assets. With it, firms can access some of the industry’s most comprehensive private market data and tools, or get publications, surveys, and events that provide insider access to the largest global network of alternative asset experts.

Get everything you need to stay up-to-date on market movements with comprehensive data on institutional investors, fund managers, and service providers for each fund and transaction across all major asset classes. Isolate your targets, build connections, collaborate, and understand the past, present, and future of the industry with Preqin.


PitchBook is the ideal research partner if you’re looking for impartial, premium industry data, news, and analysis for private equity, venture capital, and M&A. As an information resource specifically dedicated to these industries, PitchBook’s core strength is its ability to carefully collect, organize, and analyze difficult-to-find deal data.

By using a Pitchbook Plugin for Salesforce and a CRM, users can view, link, and import customized data on people, companies, investors, funds, service providers, and limited partners. The tool delivers unparalleled intelligence to easily network in the investment space with automated integration of custom intelligence like AUM, investment types, and preferences as well as detailed contact information.


SourceScrub helps firms get the most out of their CRM investment by automatically syncing millions of private company data points directly within Salesforce. They are tech-driven and human-supervised for optimized intelligence. 

There are millions of bootstrapped companies out there and SourceScrub takes the difficult-to-analyze data and offers a more complete and accurate view so you can quickly map, prioritize, and engage with them. With their data, firms can optimize and automate M&A workflows—set and forget a complete record synchronization schedule with AI-augmented, human-audited company data.

S&P Capital IQ 

S&P Capital IQ gives firms transparency into private capital flows at each stage of the lifecycle to help them identify the next opportunity with data. Get a better understanding of performance and trends by viewing and comparing similar fund performance and dive deeper into LP investors and their preferences. 

With S&P Capital IQ and a CRM, firms can identify opportunities, facilitate outreach, and understand customers better with company and decision-maker data.

Data Fox  

With Data Fox, firms can find and prioritize target accounts to grow their pipeline. Data Fox uses a team of 100+ human analysts to verify AI-sourced insights on millions of businesses, adding 40,000 new businesses per week. 

Stack your pipeline and grow by improving sales, account-based marketing, and supplier intelligence along with standardized data between the CRM and back-office systems. Make quick and smart business decisions with information that is aligned across departmental databases. Their company data, growth signals, and account scoring help firms to personalize their marketing campaigns and sell more.

Join the VC Technology Revolution

Each day that firms ignore the advantages that modern technology offers they fall further behind. There’s no longer any question that firms that leverage technology for data management have a clear advantage. Now it’s just the question of finding the right technology.

Don’t drown in a sea of data, use it to your competitive advantage. Firms will find success if they focus on capturing the true value of their data and automate as much as possible with a CRM and today’s leading applications.