As a Fund of Funds manager, you wear two important hats – as a fund manager and as an investor. As such, you likely have a significant amount of data in different systems and among a number of people. And as your team grows and as you add funds and underlying investments, you need even more visibility into the growing number of interactions that are taking place as well as a way to efficiently report portfolio performance and share investment materials.

Leverage your intelligence and drive deliberate decisions with a new level of visibility through our fund of funds software. By connecting your communications, insights from your data and collaborative workflows, Altvia bridges the gap between your operations and front-office activities. Take a deeper dive into your portfolios and strengthen investor confidence through clear reporting and correspondence.

“They know our business and they understand our language. As a result, it was very easy to describe what we wanted and they were able to contribute ideas of their own.”
– Andrew Nelson, Managing Director and CFO, RCP Advisors


Manage your relationships, workflows and data with a Private Equity CRM solution built on the Salesforce platform


Track critical information throughout all stages of the due diligence and investing process


Leverage powerful reporting and communication capabilities along with an investor portal to service investor demands and grow relationships


• Gain operational efficiencies with an integrated communication tool that connects your CRM, data room/LP Portal and legacy accounting systems

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