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Complete fund of Funds Platform

As a multi-funds manager, you wear two important hats – as a fund manager and as an investor. You likely have a significant amount of data in different systems and among a number of people. And as your team grows and you add funds and underlying investments, you need even more visibility into the growing number of interactions that take place as well as a way to efficiently report portfolio performance and share investment materials.

Leverage your intelligence and drive deliberate decisions with a new level of visibility through Altvia’s fund of funds software. By connecting your communications, insights from your data and collaborative workflows, Altvia bridges the gap between your operations and front-office activities. Take a deeper dive into your portfolios and strengthen investor confidence with a comprehensive, purpose-built CRM, customizable pipeline management, clear reporting and investor communications.

Powerful Client Relationship Management

Manage your relationships, portfolio investments and data with a tailored CRM solution built on the Salesforce platform. Drive efficiency and seamlessly handle your critical fund management tasks, investor meetings, and pipeline.

  • Build streamlined workflows to handle multiple funds, investments, and contacts in one integrated, robust solution
  • Generate documents, tear sheets, and internal and external reports with 1-click
  • Access your notes or log meetings and updates right from your phone

STAND-OUT Investor Relations

Enhance and personalize your investor communications with a modern, branded investor portal to transform your investor experience and grow relationships. Share documents, streamline due diligence processes and create thoughtful investor touchpoints for internal efficiency and external satisfaction.

  • Ensure accuracy and compliance with a secure data room
  • Collect investor contacts, manage communication preferences and keep information up-to-date with a CRM integration
  • Use Altvia’s Correspond product to generate personalized capital call notices, PPMs, K1s, and more
I think it [AIM] helped us to look at our data in a different way. We had been looking very high level and now we are able to break it down and be more specific. We have more accurate and more meaningful data –- we are a lot more efficient.
Adam Ciborowski

RCP Advisors

Better INVESTMENT Sourcing

Collect and classify the critical information your firm needs throughout each stage of the pipeline to have an edge in competitive investments.

    • Customize and associate contacts and companies to preferred stages, asset classes, and investment types
    • Have clarity on the next steps and team member action items with checklists and task tracking
    • Report on performance and progress to your internal and external stakeholders

Instant Data Analytics & BUsiness Intelligence

Track, update, and customize built-in dashboards to be the most accurate and relevant. Or, explore beautiful data visualizations with an industry-specific business intelligence solution.

  • Derive insights into investment flow sources, valuation trends, and more
  • Remove error-prone processes by integrating data sources
  • Schedule and subscribe to emails to stay on top of performance
  • Track underlying key metrics around portfolio companies in addition to fund investment performance


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RCP Advisors uses AIM to make better decisions with access to deeper insights and better reporting.