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Complete Family Office Platform

As a Family Office, you are continuously evaluating investment opportunities, attending quarterly meetings, and analyzing GPs. You need a reporting and CRM software solution to capture, consolidate and organize related contacts and updates to keep your team on top of your data, rather than buried under it.

Altvia provides an integrated product suite that enables you to organize solicitations, understand your universe of investment partners, and track your relationships with fund managers. Additionally, you can consolidate information from multiple sources, and capture research with plug-ins such as Capital IQ, Preqin, DataFox and more.

Sophisticated Portfolio Management

Understanding your position and reporting on the value of your portfolio takes time, data, and constant communication with both the companies and managers. Speed up your processes and increase transparency with robust reporting and communication tools in a software built for family offices.

  • Generate and segment multiple reports using data stored in your AIM CRM
  • Stay on top of news and developments with news and investment plug-ins
  • Send notices and reminders to contacts to keep information up-to-date

Secure Virtual Data Room

Store and share sensitive documents via a branded investor portal that can be integrated with your CRM. Provide a seamless and streamlined experience for stakeholders to interact and access the right information and reports when they demand it.

  • Ease internal processes and execute documents within the portal by adding on an e-signature product
  • Keep members happy with easy to collect and manage communication preferences 
  • Manage access to documents by internal and external users for privacy and security


Complete Contact & Data Management

Manage your relationships, workflows and data with a CRM solution built specifically for your family office team on the Salesforce platform. More efficiently and effectively track investments, manage investment partner relations, perform due diligence, and prepare for calls and meetings. 

  • Categorize and organize the variety of firms, intermediaries, and deals that you work with with custom fields and data types
  • Easily access data or log calls and meetings on-the-go from your phone
  • Synchronize contact information and emails between your Outlook/Gmail and AIM CRM

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Track key data including your exposure in specific industries or geographies. Internal and external stakeholders will know positioning and performance with easily configurable and filterable dashboards and reports.

The partnership is what I appreciate the most. There’s a lot of trust and collaboration. It’s hard to think of Altvia without thinking of the strong players on the team and the value that their understanding of the whole system provides.
Chris Sheehan

Director of Business Processes and Systems, Crestone Capital


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Crestone, a modern family office, saves time with the AIM CRM & Investor Correspond.