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San Francisco, CA & New York City, NY

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FTV Capital harnesses the power of their data and relationships with an integrated solution from Altvia

FTV is a leading growth equity investment firm based in San Francisco and New York that partners with proven management teams at fast-growing companies to accelerate growth. With significant momentum, FTV required a customized private equity solution based on the Salesforce platform to better manage its network of relationships as well as increasing amount and complexity of data.

While FTV had an existing system in place for its data and contact management, the PE firm outgrew the system’s capabilities after several years of accumulating data and expanding into more sophisticated workflows. This legacy system, which was a customized solution on the Salesforce platform, was difficult to maintain and became rather rigid over time with the inability to update the system to a more modern application.

With the need for a more relevant and future-focused system that integrates with investor communications and document management, there was a clear business case for FTV to consider a new solution. The evaluation process was rigorous to ensure that the system could support and expand upon business and technical requirements for the business development/investor relations and deal teams. The decision-making process considered a variety of private equity solutions but opted for a Salesforce-based platform as FTV did not want to switch to a completely new platform.