Free Guide | Data & Technology Guide for Private Equity Firms

Formulating a Data Strategy

In the E&Y Private Equity survey, respondents reported spending more time on technology as their second highest focus behind analytics, which arguably could also fall under the technology umbrella.

While it’s tempting to skip right to demos of the exciting capabilities of web-based data visualization and reporting products, a lack of dashboards isn’t necessarily the issue.

In advance of seeing any technology platform, you should consider what problems or gaps you are looking to solve with your future-technology partner.

Having identified the specific problems you’re looking to solve, you’re one step closer to getting demos, but still not ready. Understanding what a solution to these problems includes and the basics of how it will work is key to making the most of the time you spend getting demos.

In this guide, we review next steps for firms to take when implementing a new technology initiative to ensure their data transfers seamlessly.

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