Free Guide | The Buyer’s Guide to Technology

Operational efficiency is a key priority for Private Equity, according to the 2018 Ernst and Young Annual Global Private Equity Survey, which found that two-thirds of CFOs invest or plan to invest in next-generation technology. Using technology to streamline fundraising, deal management, and investor relations is top of mind for firms these days.

The alternative investing world is complex. General partners must track the progress of fundraising and investor relations, perform due diligence, and document every interaction along the way. At the same time, Limited Partners expect real-time, information-rich reporting.

Today’s software not only brings the kind of efficiency both firms and Limited Partners expect, but it also differentiates you from the competition. But, it can be difficult to filter through all of the technology that exists to determine the option that’s best for your firm.
In this guide, we cover what to look for when evaluating Private Equity software and provide the questions to ask to determine how to select the best solution for your firm’s needs.

The Private Equity industry is at a technological turning point. Every year, Limited Partners are demanding faster, easier access to information while General Partners are struggling with how best to use technology to support these critical investor relationships. As a result, Private Equity firms are focused on technology transformation and improved investor reporting to meet this important challenge. Every year, the value of technology in Private Equity is becoming more widely recognized.

Consider the answers Private Equity CFOs surveyed in the Ernst and Young Annual Global Private Equity Survey gave in 2018:

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