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Leaders are spread thin

Leaders are spread thin across investing, fundraising, and LP satisfaction. They’re accountable for all aspects of the firm, while trying to  win deals and LP allocations in the most competitive environment the industry has ever seen.

Firm leaders rarely have a real-time view on performance and activities across IR, Investing and LP communication. Time spent getting and providing answers slows the firm down, leading to lost deals and LPs.


Firm Leaders use Altvia for visibility into the portfolio and pipelines (fundraising and investing), and to ensure they operate with a sense of priority to move faster.

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Framework For Technology Strategy:

The Investment Life Cycle

Fundraise Faster

Deploy Capital

Validate Thesis Execution

Drive LP Loyalty

Having people at Altvia who understand each step of our data process has allowed us to continue to build because of the knowledge of our data stack and organization. We aren’t starting from ground zero every time we want to expand or do something new.

Kelli Fontaine
Partner, Cendana Capital

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