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Crosslink Capital

Crosslink Capital

San Francisco, CA

Fund Manager


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crosslink uses aim to turn their salesforce database into a fund management database

Established in 1999, Crosslink Capital is a technology-­focused, San Francisco-­based investment firm whose investments range from early stage private companies to well-­established public corporations.

Prior to using AIM, Crosslink had been managing their fundraising and investor relations processes using Excel spreadsheets. As they grew, they migrated to a Salesforce database so they could consolidate all of their investor data into one location that was accessible to everyone and that was dynamically updated. This solved the problem of having investor data stuck in everyone’s Outlook inbox or in their personal calendars and also eliminated the multiple versions of spreadsheets that inevitably were created to manage investors. It also allowed them to see what interactions had  taken place with each client so fundraising tasks weren’t duplicated but at the same time insuring that no opportunities were ignored.

When they initially started using Salesforce, Crosslink brought in a Salesforce consultant to customize the software for their business. Almost immediately, confusion arose about how best to store data in Salesforce and how to structure that data for Crosslink’s needs.