Creating an Excellent LP Experience to Differentiate in Private Equity

As we discussed in a recent webinar with PE Hub, GPs are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves. Fund managers are vying for the same LP dollars and LPs are demanding a better experience—supported by increased transparency and real-time data. The key to differentiation is to create a stronger relationship, by providing a better investor experience. But how can firms, fund managers, and IR teams create an excellent LP experience to attract the top investors and opportunities?

Altvia Sponsors PE Hub Network Special Webinar

We’re excited to be sponsoring an IR Masterclass Webinar for PE Hub Network on the topic of Keeping LPs Satisfied in an Age of Transparency. Join PE Hub and our VP of Customer Success, Jill Montera, who will present on how firms can use technology to improve LP reporting and communication along with three other expert specialists.

How Tech Can Help You Provide a Personal Touch in Investor Relations

With fierce competition over funding the next big startup, maintaining a solid reputation with potential investors has never been more important. One way for IR teams to stand out is to offer a personal touch. Any firm can send generic emails, but to get an important investor’s attention, you have to show you know and understand their needs. Enter Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology.

Why LPs Love Co-Investment Deals

Despite leveling off, the boom in so-called shadow capital for private equity firms is still going strong. Following 2008’s economic downturn, global PE direct investment deals more than quadrupled between 2009 and 2013. This year, the majority of Limited Partners who attended the PEI IR & Communications Forum reported participating in co-investment opportunities. It’s a trend that seems here to stay.