Morehead Capital is a Raleigh-based investment partnership focused primarily on the restaurant and technology industries.


Historically, database management had been a headache for the team at Morehead. The underlying platform was simply not specialized enough to handle their specific needs related to the restaurant and retail industries. Morehead also wanted a reliable way to track the relationships that exist between various contacts in their database. 


The Solution

Much of the deal tracking and relationship tracking functionality that Moreheadwas looking for already existed in AIM. The industry-specific functionality, however, needed to be built into their version of AIM. The end product would provide simplicity while facilitating getting good data in and out of the system and adding structure and discipline to Morehead’s processes.

The benefits were apparent to the Morehead team almost immediately. Says Morehead Analyst Dan Nifong, “Altvia understood the investment management business as well as the specifics of restaurants and retail, and they were able to efficiently create a tool that would’ve taken us thousands of dollars to build.”

– Dan NifongMorehead Capital

The Results

After only a couple weeks of use, AIM was already helping the team at Morehead bring their expertise to new deals and portfolio companies. The CRM functionality in AIM has made the Morehead team more effective at managing important relationships. “Now it is easy for our team when they’re on the road to pull up a list of nearby concepts of interest to go check out or call upon,” says Nifong. “AIM helps us provide a value to not only our current partners, but also allows us to prioritize and establish relationships with the most interesting businesses,” he adds. “We definitely have been able to build stronger and more meaningful relationships because of our CRM.”

Download the case study to find out more about how Morehead implemented AIM to streamline relationship management and get valuable insight into their deal process.