Jeff Williams attends Private Equity Europe in London as Guest PANELIST DISCUSSING SECURITY & TECHNOLOGY FOR ALTERNATIVE INVESTING .

Private Equity Europe is coming up in just a few short weeks, and we’re excited to be sponsoring the event this year.

In its 3rd year, Markets Group Private Equity Europe is a key industry event that is expected to bring more than 300 LPs, GPs and service providers together to discuss what’s trending – and what’s working – in today’s marketplace. The one-day  Markets Group event will be held at the Dorchester Collection in London on September 5th.

In addition, our VP of Products, Jeff Williams, will be hosting a round table discussion at 11:40 AM “Private Equity and Technology Investing“, as well as a panelist for the, 3:40 PM session “Technology Security, & Intelligence Influence in Private Equity”.

Panel Discussion Summary:

How are alternative asset firms managing data and cyber-security risks? Additionally, how are firms utilizing and leveraging technology to improve firm, portfolio company and limited partner relationship management and transparency? As technology evolves so has the need to integrate new platforms. Those firms who have both the internal experience to handle funds management and the technological capability to deliver effective services are likely to be the best positioned. How are managers using technology to protect their investments and integrate front, middle and back-office operations?

Joining Williams on the panel will be Andrew Hampshire, COO & CTO of Gresham House, and the scheduled moderator will be Dean Hill from Eze Castle Integration. Other members of Altvia London will be attending the event as well.

 We’re excited to be part of this event, and we hope to see you there!

To learn more about the 3rd Private Equity Europe event that will be held in London, click here.