10/20/2010 – Altvia releases new Upgrade for PULSE: Tool and Taxonomy for new Asset Class

A new asset class is evolving, bringing significant capital and attention to global investments with a double bottom line.  Jacqueline Novogratz of Acumen Fund calls this new asset class ‘patient capital’ – link to Inc. article.  PULSE is the tool to leverage the new IRIS (Impact Reporting and Investment Standards) Taxonomy and has the capability and flexibility to manage financial, operational, environmental, and social metrics.  
What’s New with IRIS 2.0?
  • New classification fields to better describe projects, products, services, and populations served
  • Hundreds of new numeric metric definitions
  • Many updated and improved metric definitions
New PULSE Functionality
  • Product/Service elements provide improved granularity of metric tracking
  • Improved Metric Set Functionality 1) Reapply to One or All Projects that use the Set and 2) Full support for Product/Services in applying Metric Sets
  • Streamlined Definitions